Tuesday, November 23, 2010

yeah, let me show you yet another bit of paradise...

Despite its ease of use, taking the GoPro out is always a tiny little mini-burden: got to have it ready, mount it, activate it, check it, etc...
But to get a shot like this is just priceless.

These photos are from yesterday, yet another day of awesome glassy surf here in Maui.

At 6:30 am, together with a couple of fellow surfers, I was at Kanaha waiting for the gate keepers to open the park. They arrived at 6:34, 4 minutes after the official park opening time.
There's two ways for a tax payer to can look at that:
1) Damn, those county workers are always late!
2) Wow, those county workers are quite on time!
I guess it depends on where you lived and what standards you're used to. I totally went for number two.

This is the first wave I caught after the sun got out from the slopes of the Haleakala. The light was just magic.

Not a bad wave either.
I tilted the photo to straighten the horizon and show the angle I gave my trusty Starboard 7.4 in that top turn.

Three minutes later another gem.
The shadow of the board on my legs tells how low the sun was in the cloudless sky.

Renata was another happy surfer.

One more.

As you can see from the different light, it's now later in the morning and I moved to Uppers. Lowers in fact got crowded and I wanted to see how the board performed in overhead waves.
BTW, at 8am I was supposed to take part to a staff meeting at the shop. It was a meeting more oriented to the sales people (instead I work at the rentals), nonetheless I am very grateful to the shop owner and managers not to give me a single ounce of shit for not going to it... it's great to work in such a relaxed environment!
That right was awesome.

Despite the complete lack of glide (which is something caused by the extremely short length), I was able to catch some waves even at the outer reef! Not exactly the conditions the board was designed for, but I had tons of fun.
Yep, definitely not a good day for GP to go to a staff meeting...

Stylish lil cuttie.

The sun-headed god rescues a broken board.

Hang on!

I have some video clips from the day before (on my longboard this time) and I hopefully will find some time to put together a little video.

In the meantime, today the wind came back to the north shore after exactly a week of absence. A bunch of desperate windsurfers crowded the waters of Hookipa.
I stopped by quickly and took one single shot of Andrea, who showed interest in buying a cd of photos from me.
When I saw him on a wave, my camera was off and in the case. I don't know how I pulled this one off.

Talking about windsurfing, here's the trailer of The Windsurfing Movie II.

The Windsurfing Movie II Official Trailer from Poor Boyz Productions on Vimeo.

After watching it, I realized that I personally know each single sailor that appears in it. Not sure why, but that feels kind of cool. It's like having professional videographers make a movie with your friends as protagonists...
Good to see you smiling Baptiste!

There should be a Maui premiere of the WMII together with the ski movie Revolver on December 4th. I'll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, the surf movie Innersection will be showed this Friday Nov 26 at the MACC. Co-starring my next door neighbor Matt Meola. There we go again...

And since this is an SUP related post, I'm going to link again the latest blog sponsor: supadvisor.com.

Instead of the forecast, this time I'm going to tell you a very weird dream I had last night.
My buddy Griffin was telling me that the forecast was for three weeks of strong wind and we both were freaking out about it.
As soon as I woke up, I went online and checked the forecast to make sure that that wasn't true...

That's how much I (and him, I guess) liked this week of glassy surf.
Well, pretty much just as much as I liked the light wind late afternoon wave sailing session I had today.

Man, I just love this place...

PS. OMG, I almost forgot! You guys have to watch this... this guy is completely nuts!

PPS. Highly probable start of the second contest of the Triple Crown of Surfing at Sunset beach tomorrow morning.

PPPS. The PWA Cabo Verde event didn't see any competition because of lack of wind/waves. Victor Fernandez has been proclaimed "world champion" in the wave discipline. With all the respect for Victor, who is an amazing sailor, nominating someone world champion based on the results of two contests (Pozo and Denmark) makes me laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Another GREAT post GP!
I always enjoy your energy on the water and on the beach!
You do a brilliant job of projecting the Maui Experience! Aloha, Olaf