Sunday, November 21, 2010

surfed out

What a lovely stretch of glassy surf we had!
East swell, south swell, west swell and now northwest swell... I surfed them all and had very little time left to post.

Today (Sunday) I had a day off and after yet another very fun surf session, I busted out my beach chair to watch live the Haleiwa contest with a wireless little modem plugged into my laptop (still experimenting with mobile internet solutions) and to catch up with the blogging.

Didn't take many photos in the last few days, these are from Friday.

Connie is a very happy surfer. Always smiling, always enjoying the conditions, even when they are not ideal. One of those persons I'm always happy to see in the water. Not so happy to see when she works (she's a ER nurse).

And I just found out she's Albee Layer's mum!
Who's Albee Layer? Here's a video to get to know him.

Albee Layer from Chomp Proper Productions on Vimeo.

Back to the beach. That's the kind of photographer I need.

Alex catches one.

My buddy Nino left after a month stay. He sucked up the island energy as much as one possible can, improving his surfing and windsurfing skills greatly.
He bought my old 4.7 Superfreak. Battens in his hands and sail folded in the bag... That's the kind of souvenir a guy like him needed for himself.

Last Monday there were some epic sailing conditions. I couldn't make it to Hookipa, so I'm going to grab photos from a couple of photographers.
Here's Jimmie Hepps's section, out of this gallery.

Graham Ezzy. This aerial is insane.

This is a german guy called Chris.

He was renting gear from the shop I work for and he was so stoked about the gear and the service that he sent me this email (with Jimmie's photo attached):

Aloha Giampaolo and Team,

first of all I would like to thank you that you and your team which is so kind and skilled. We have looked at the various surfrentalplaces in Maui before we decided us for you guys and have had the right feeling with you guys. Your equipment is well maintained and really good for all different conditions.

I have used your shops 4.7. Goya Guru Sail and the 75 Liter quatro doublefin on monday, 15 2010 in the unforgettable Big Monday conditions at Hookipa.

In the center of the bay i caught a great wave which I was already following from far outside that was epic. The whitewater on the right hand side and behind of me shows that it was an unforgettable one and some spectators said that it was the wave of the day that I've surfed. It was a good chance to test our divewatches in serious sailing conditions.

Check the attached photo and keep on being Giampaolo the charming and attentive italian Grandmaster at Hi-Tech Surf Sports,

Surf's up,


Thanks Chris for the kind words, we do have some killer gear at HiTech.

Back to the pros, looks like Jesse Brown put up a show.

For this Mutant's sequence, I have to thank Jommy photos. This is the gallery of that day.

Last but not least, a big thanks to that just bought a month of banner space. Check it out!

PS. Congrats to Joel Parkinson who just won the Haleiwa contest (like 3 seconds ago). Second Triple Crown of Surfing contest is at Sunset and it will start on Wednesday morning.
But, WAY more important than that, the annual Paia Bay invitational will take place on Thanksgiving day. It's going to be very windy and I'm forecasting the usual shitty conditions, but who cares... we're all shitty surfers anyway! :)


Dave said...

Is there a SUP division for the Paia Bay Invitational? If there is I will jump on a plane :)
(could you delay it for 6 months so I could attend - see you in June - July 2011)

cammar said...

I believe all kind of vessels are accepted.
But delaying it to summer time would be like delaying the Pipeline Masters to summer time...

Anonymous said...

Yay Connie! I've worked with her in the ER and learned a ton. She rocks =)


Anonymous said...

That's a picture of pure contentment and relaxation on the beach.