Saturday, November 06, 2010

lost board + beautiful waves

Mixed topics post.

Topic 1.
Yesterday the sunset session at Lowers turned out to be very fun. After a whole day of up and down with the rain, most windsurfers gave up and I ended up scoring a quite classic winter light-wind slog-and-surf sesh together only with Darryl (Glenn, we missed you). Super light wind and a bit dicey at moments (still some sets!), but damn... those waves were glassy!

My friend Nino saw us from the beach and decided to put a sail on the 9.6 sailing longboard I lended him. Unfortunately, he got drilled by a big set and the mast foot disconnected. He rescued the sail, but the board was gone. It was almost dark, no way to find it, so it's still out there. Here's a photo of it, in case you run into it.

And if you feel like knowing a bit more about the story of it, here's a November 2006 post that will illuminate you.

Topic 2.
Congratulations to 20 years old Maui's Billy Kemper for winning a quite important surf contest at Sunset Beach in Oahu. Quite timely, master videographer Elliot Leboe posted a promo on Vimeo just a few hours ago.

Billy Kemper Promo from ACL Digital Cinema on Vimeo.

Topic 3.
I waited as long as I could, but after having missed out on a good surf session because I was on the road and couldn't check the webcams, I finally got an internet phone. On the first day of use, I was able to watch the final of the above mentioned contest live AT THE BEACH. Internet in your hands wherever you go. It rocks, really.

Topic 4.
I received a few emails with some photos of the big waves of this past swell on Tuesday. Let's have a look.
This is Honolua Bay in a photo of Don Smith sent me by Eric (thanks).

Eric also sent me this one of Jaws.

From Todd Glaser's blog I downloaded this one of Mavericks. You should click on it, it's really something.

The big swell is on the way down (4 feet, 11 seconds), but there's still waves for wave sailing. Late sunday and monday a new moderate NW swell will keep things rolling.
Next week's weather maps don't show anything good, other than a couple of promising storms towards the end. We're talking waves 9-10 days from today.
I'm not worried. It's winter in Maui. Even if it's shitty, it's still good.
At least for me.

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Todd Glaser said...

Cool Blog and thanks for having one of my images be a part of it. I appreciate you linking my site as well!!!