Thursday, November 25, 2010

hookipa 11 24

Last post was the celebration of a epic week of glassy surf.

Now the trades are back (though kinda light... the way I like them) and this post is the celebration of an epic day of glassy wave sailing (at least that's what it was for me).

Hookipa looked beautiful, but the light wind made it difficult to rip hard for the "average" Hookipa sailor. So in the final cut of the photo selection, only the hard core guys made it.

First photo I took: Mark at its best.

Second photo of the list: Mark pushes it again.

Third photo of the list: Mark pushed it too much. It's part of the game...





Elena is always out there.

Levi aerial wave 360 perfectly landed on the face of the wave. He did a nice top turn before that and that wave would have been a 10 on my sheet.
I also missed a huge aerial from him.

Prior always fun to watch.



The second Triple Crown contest started at Sunset Beach yesterday. This is the heat that saw both Maui surfers Hank Gaskell and Albee Layer advance.

The contest is off today, but the Paia Bay Invitational is on. No idea when it starts, so I better get going...

No wait, this is another nice video sent by John (thanks!).

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