Monday, March 14, 2011

another beautiful day in Maui

We're so lucky over here.

Yet another day of near perfect wave sailing conditions at Hookipa. Light offshore and clean waves. Lots of people out (that's why I only said "near" perfect...), also because Kanaha is still closed. Hopefully it will be open by Tuesday, since it will be way too big (for me!) up the coast.
I took some pics between sessions, but first I'd like to publish again a remarkable shot of Andres from the previous post. A couple of friends decided it was worth a little editing and here's a couple of results.

This one looks like a painting.

As I stated already, I almost never edit/crop my shots. My aim is not to sell the photos (although occasionally I do) and I can't be bothered to post process the shots. I believe that writing comments and all the other stuff I talk about adds to the content of this blog much more than editing a photo to make it nicer... fortunately I have readers that take care of that!! :)
Thanks guys!

Here are yesterday's shots in chronological order.

Someone was showing off another piece of the collection.



If you push too hard on the back foot, your fins spin out and your bottom turn can end up like this. Colin, I do it all the times too...

I sold that sail to Kevin about 3-4 years ago... A Superfreak will last indefinitely.


Aurelien is trying goiters. He let me try his board and I liked it a lot. I'm definitely in board testing mode.

Philippe too!

One more bottom turn spin out example. Aurelien.

Nico (the Corse) makes the blog!


And Philippe.

Junko rips.


It's Monday morning and the Waimea buoy shows 6 feet at 14 sec from 332. That means another awesome day of light wind wavesailing on big waves. I have an afternoon shift, so I plan to hit the water early.
But the really big day will be tomorrow. The wind will be stronger and a new swell generated by the low pressure on the left of the chart below will peak mid day at around 12 feet. That means significant breakers on the outer reefs, Jaws and all that jazz...
Be safe out there and have fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Your bum shot has been missing for a while - I'm sure your male readers will be delighted you've returned to norm:-)


Tanya De Leeuw said...


Great photo's! Thanks for sharing!

I'm a novice/intermediate photog ... wondering what gear you use to get close shots of the windsurfers? You say you don't sell your photo's (or rather, you don't take them with a view to selling them), but it looks like you've pro gear?


(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

GP - your first picture in this post and the last picture in my most recent post look amazingly similar - though different sailors on different days. Both show beautiful bottom turns. Also my last post has three IMO decent photos of you - check it out when you have a chance.

Gurra said...


Here´s some more pics from Hookipa today.


Anonymous said...

Hi GP!

Does the spin out thing on the bottom turn happen more with quads/twins?!?

Great shots as always!

cammar said...

if you give it to them every time, it's not special anymore!

my gear is definitely not pro. It's a $300 Sony DSH-1 point and shoot camera. It has 12x optical zoom and a 1.7 $100 multiplier lens. Once I calculated the equivalent of the 35mm zoom and it was something like 700mm...
Pro gear is expensive, heavy, big and generates big files. I hate all of the above.
Nice shots you got!

Ben and Gurra,
thanks for the links.

cammar said...

I actually think that it happens will all kinds of fin setups.
At least I can do it with all kinds of fin setups!
That was a really good question and I don't have a more precise answer.