Monday, March 28, 2011

family post

March 20 was my dad's 80th birthday.

In this photo he is celebrating surrounded by (from the left): Alessia (my brother's daughter), Angelo (my brother), Paolo (my sister's husband), Daniela (my sister), Lorenzo (my sister's son) and Laura (my sister's daughter).

Originally, I had planned to go and do a surprise show up (with a quick stop in Switzerland for a bit of skiing with some friends). But some crazy high airline tickets (Maui - Los Angeles only was around $800!!) combined with my hate for going back to Italy and for my love for being in Maui when there's waves (that's why I usually go at the beginning of September) made me selfishly decide to pass.

But I did send him some love with this little video.
I wanted to edit it and cut the very first part in which I pass in front of the camera, but the conversion of the video from mpeg4 to avi ruined the audio a bit (didn't know that!), so I chose to put the whole thing up.
The title says:"hey, it's not my fault if I cannot sing in tune!".
Enjoy (if you can!!!). BTW, it was filmed at Lanes on March 15, the day that Jaws went off... check the huge waves on the reef.


gerritsan said...

great video,respect.

Morley said...

Don't quit you day job - oh, wait, you don't have one! I bet your grandfather loved it!