Wednesday, March 16, 2011

definitely not my kind of conditions + Jaws

Today I had one of the shortest sessions at Hookipa: 20 minutes.
First couple of waves were actually allright, but after two big ones seriously overpowered on a 4.2 and with huge chops in the bottom turn area I decided to call it a day.
Oh, well. I sailed two sessions for a total of two hours yesterday in over mast high waves, so I was also pretty tired.
As I said, the windier it gets here, the worse. At least for me. I don't like all that power in my sail. I want to surf the wave more than sail it. I like the energy of the wave more than the one of the wind. That's just my personal preference.
All the pros that were out instead, didn't seem to be bothered much...

Sailor of the day in my photoshoot time frame was Kauli. I'm guessing he had someone taking photos of his jumps and he was full on the task. I missed a remarkable push loop into forward perfectly landed. But I caught these four jumps in a row.

These are the rest of the shots.

Paolo goes for another wipeout. I sold him that 4.2 and it probably has like 6 years. As I said, Superfreaks are pretty much indestructible.

Victor in what looks like the start of a forward off the lip.
Graham is sailing very well and did a bunch of those, but unfortunately I didn't catch any.



Another one that was into forwards off the lip was Philip Koster. That's his jumping foot and you can tell.

Kauli's bit of a damage.



Mark's bit of a damage.

Back to yesterday, it was a busy day at Jaws.
Here's a sweet video by Ridge Lenny.

There were some gnarly wipeouts, as Polakow says in this little interview by Jay.

MPORA Action Sports >>

Fortunately Robby survived. Unfortunately so didn't Sion Milowsky at Mavericks...

And this is Jimmie Hepp's shot of Kauli's wipeout. He did get barreled... he just didn't make it out!

Tomorrow more of the same horribly strong wind. I'm not going windsurfing. But there might be small waves on the south shore...


Anonymous said...

Hi JP!
it seems you are not a fan of the Jaws waterworld zoo but I've seen the pics and video and the performances were beyond amazing. JP was turning and hitting lips like if it was a logo high wave... but with 10X the speed and heights.... you must link those pics and video to your post! nobody should miss them....
It is funny to see the surprise on Jason's face when the interviewer mention's casually that Kauli got barrelled... That is a windsurfers dream came true!! but I am afraid the rumour actually refers of that bad whipeout from Kauli... not a real tube riding on a windsurfer... maybe one day..

cammar said...

Hi Marcos,
I'm not a fan of investing my precious daylight time to go watch Jaws. But I have no problem watching photos and videos of it. And as you suggested I just added Ridge's video and Jimmie's photo.
If you have seen better ones, please post a link here. Thanks!

TonyWind said...

Freaking Polakow!!! Have you seen that jump off the massive lip?? Awesome!!