Thursday, March 03, 2011

Matt won!

Big post full of stuff.

But I feel like dedicating the title to my next door neighbor Matt Meola who just won 100k dollars!
The movie Innersection is a collection of short segments that a bunch of top surfers were invited to submit (great surfing, great music, but no story so kinda boring in my opinion). The dvd buyers had the chance to vote for their favorite section. After a few months of world wide poll, Matt ended up on top and won the huge money prize.
Here's his section. Congrats also to Elliot Leboe for making the video.

Matt Meola - $100,000 Innersection edit from ACL Digital Cinema on Vimeo.

Talking about surfing youngsters, this Italian kid is 13 and he's got a clip on surfline. It might not be 100k, but that's quite amazing, considering where he's from!

This other Italian kid is 48 instead, didn't win any money, didn't get a clip on Surfline, but yesterday he caught 20 waves in the early morning super fun surfing session and a bunch more in the just as fun afternoon sailing session. As a result, he feels like the richest/luckiest man on Earth.
This photo was taken out of Jimmie Hepp's gallery of the day.

These other photos instead were taken by Jay something like 10 days ago (last day of sailing I think before quite a lovely spell of glassy surf). Here's Jay's website.

That is a place where I like bottom turning way than top turning.

Also because last time I tried to hit that exact same lip (11 months ago) in very similar conditions (sun low on the horizon and logo high), I ended up breaking my foot...

You guys will forgive me if I now aim for the shoulder in these cases.

Got plenty surfing shots today, but no time to post (stay tuned).
I'm super tired (as usual, thanks to this magic, phenomenal, awesome wave filled winter) and tomorrow morning I have a secret 7.30am Kona sailing session planned, so I want to go to sleep early. Provided that there will be sailable conditions... with the Kona, you really never know.

No wait! Best windsurfing tutorial ever!!!


Anonymous said...

Very Impressive Tutorial

Is this one of your students GP


cammar said...

Yo Rick,
believe it or not, I had students like that once or twice (ok, without the high heels). They were models hosting a tv show and I could not believe I was being paid to give them a lesson. Those shows still air sometimes, but I've never actually seen them... maybe because I don't have a tv?

Wally said...

I'm actually torn on whether to comment on the hot windsurfer or your neighbour's incredible surfing.

Two thumbs up for both ;-)

BTW, the models you're talking about are Lindsay and Misty from Get Out on HDNet. I did get to see it in all it's high def goodness. I distinctly remember the smile on your face from the hugs at the end ...

cammar said...

OMG! Lindsay and Misty... thanks for mentioning those names. They rang a bell and more memories from that epic lesson arose...
Too bad it's not on youtube!