Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fart off the lip

There is no doubt that all these international sailors ripping the hell out of the Hookipa waves are inspiring the local sailors to push a bit harder.
The photo of the day is a clear example of that. Never seen Amir trying a forward off the lip before!

Even I felt the urge to show what I can do!
Not being able to do forwards though, I decided to push my limits my own way and invented the "Fart off the lip". I had a couple of good ones, but I haven't landed one yet. Not easy you guys, not easy.

Here's the 29 other worthy photos in chronological order.
Scott McKercher.





Ricardo. His whole board is under the water... no wonder he didn't spin out!

Thanks Tif!


Ricardo sailed incredibly well today. He almost landed a double forward off the lip. Soon I'll have to try a double fart off the lip.



Thomas Traversa having a bit of an argument with him boom head.




Sean Ordonez showed up with a brand new sail (no idea who made it) and a brand new board.

Boujmaa. Really nice colors in his sail.

Just like the usual great looking Prydes. Campello all over the place.

Ricardo. Shot of the day runner up.


Kai has a video camera on the helmet and he's trying to catch Boujmaa's action.

Keith. Check the lines. 90 degrees with the lip. In other words, perfectly vertical.



Looks like Laurent.



At 6:01pm, Elena (the last sailor out) sailed back in. But only because there were too many surfers out, otherwise she'd be still out there. Nice article on Windsport magazine, sistah!

As for my session, it sucked. I went out at 5pm and hoping that the wind would ease off a bit I rigged a 4.7. The wind didn't ease off and I was way overpowered on the wave. It was like South Africa out there today. Offshore, strong and gusty.
Just like when I surf, when I sail I like light offshore, but I don't like strong offshore.
Tomorrow the big swell should pick up in the afternoon. We'll see what the wind will do.

PS. Just received this press release for the Oxbow jumping contest.

Oxbow Ride the Sky presented by Naish will take the sport of windsurfing to world-record breaking heights on Maui in April. This event will be held at Ho'okipa Beach Park on the east side of the Valley Isle with its one-month holding period beginning on April 1.

A celebrity panel of watermen will be judging this event: Maui windsurfers Mark Angulo and Baptiste Gossein, as well as 2010 ASP World Longboard Champ Duane DeSoto. They will be judging 20 of the world's best windsurfers in Oxbow Ride the Sky presented by Naish in April. These professional athletes will be competing for highest air, best trick and worst wipeout. The highest air will be awarded a $100 per foot and $2,500 will go to best trick winner.

Oxbow Hawai'i is also proud to announce a list of alternate local sailors from Ho'okipa for this mind-blowing event: Leo Ray, Patrick Bergeron, Kevin Pritchard, Kai Katchadourian, Nathan Mashon, Nicolas Dramisino and Diego Femenias. If any of the primary invitees are unable to compete in Oxbow Ride the Sky presented by Naish then the aforementioned world-class windsurfers will take their place.

This event will be held at Ho'okipa Beach Park on the east side of the Valley Isle and its one-month holding period begins on April 1. Oxbow Ride the Sky officials will choose the best possible conditions for the single day of competition.

Comment 1: it would be great to see Baptiste back on Maui!
Comment 2: what the hell does Duane DeSoto have to do with windsurfing?
Comment 3: yeah, at least Nico is in the alternates! I wonder in which order they will call them in case one of the 20 won't show up... maybe they'll ask Duane.


Chris Zakel said...

"...Sean Ordonez showed up with a brand new sail (no idea who made it)..."

GP don't you think that this sail has something of Jason Diffin on it?

cammar said...

Oh, absolutely! Those two stretch control things.
Actually my "no idea who made it" was incorrect. I should have written "I don't know for sure who made it, but it looks like one of Jason's..."
Good one.

Anonymous said...

Ha, a neat builder's bum shot!


Nicholas Warmuth said...

Looks a little like Kimo doing the forward off the lip. I might be wrong though...

Sharon said...

pffarrrrrrrrt (no lip required).

Anonymous said...

You have a mistake on the photo of the day, it's not Amir, It's actually Kimo, who is back to sailing and pulling of his old school move...