Thursday, March 24, 2011

more nuking wind action

As forecasted, yesterday was another day of nuking wind.

As predicted on this blog, the late afternoon saw some big squalls make the wind go up and down and the author managed to squeeze in a short sesh thanks to that.
But until then he was taking photos and here's the best of the day.
Ricardo Campello goes high before landing almost on top of Patrick, who saw the thing and went as deep as he could. Crowded conditions can be dangerous, but no damage in this case.

I believe Ricardo and most of the other NP sailors were showing off their 2012 sails (Kauli wasn't because he rigged early before the sails were delivered at the beach).
This thing of the 2012 gear is something I cannot care less, but I know that a lot of people find it overly interesting. So it's possible that these photos will show up on other websites. In which case, I only ask to please link my blog back.

And I also feel like giving a message to all the sails brand:
I don't mean to damage anyone and, despite being supported by Hot Sails Maui, I take photos of EVERY good sailor, regardless of their sail brand, 12 months a year. I believe that is worth something in terms of exposure and publicity (well over 1,000 unique readers a day in average) and overall this blog contributes to spread the stoke about windsurfing.

I'm aware of readers that tried windsurfing for the first time because of this blog.
I'm aware of readers that went back to windsurfing because of this blog.
I'm aware of readers that daily dream about windsurfing because of this blog.

So if you think that having your next years sails published on the internet is bad for your business, do your self a favor and don't give them to your team riders until it's the right time. And if you need to take a photoshoot, go to Camp One or somewhere else, because if you go to Hookipa there is absolutely no chance that those images will stay off the net. Have you seen how many photographers (pro and amateur) are on the cliff???

Here's a graph with the March stats to substantiate the previous statement about this blog's traffic.

Here's the other photos in chronological order.
Kauli's questionable t-shirt shorts combo.

Philip Koster.

Victor. Not sure if those are 2012 North and I could not care less. That's a nice aerial and that's why it's here.


Drew drew (sorry, I had to say that!!) a nice line in his bottom/top turn combo. Check the spray he generated in his bottom turn. He's such a good sailor!

There he is again hitting a lip.

Polakow did a downwinder instead. Heike seems to be delighted to sail in front of him...

Kauli backside.







The pretty face of Iballa Moreno will sell some of those sun glasses.


Iballa's underwear choice. We would have preferred a g-string, wouldn't we?

Zane's first jump. Nice crash.


Pio and Kauli discuss fins.



Boujmaa finishes his duct tape repair.

It bloody worked!

Nico bailed this one, but later he did a perfect landing in a fairly high backloop. Don't forget to support my "petition" for his partecipation to the jumping contest by posting a comment on this FB page. Thanks a lot to the readers that have already done so. Keep the comments coming!

Kauli in the middle of a squall.

Keith sails back. He's an amazingly efficient sailor. His boards have tons of rocker, yet he has no problem planing on very small sails. That is a 3.3!!!!!

That's all for today.

Want to see more photos? Here's Francky's (finally on facebook!) and Jimmie's galleries.
Hang on, just found another one (Norwegian Kai's) that shows that Nico backloop I was talking about.
Here's the shot. Not a bad jump, uh? Perfect landing.

Today I have another day off and the Hookipa sensor is already showing 18 to 34 so I think I'll take photos again waiting for the squalls to eventually allow me to go out too. Later.


Anonymous said...

GP - I'm with you on the 2011 sails... you should take pics of them on the beach, post them and get it over with... hehe

Olaf Mitchell said...

I am aware that you have the best blog covering our sports and our home.
IMO:Your blog projects the passion that we all have for this lifestyle.
It's always makes me want to get out on the ocean as soon as I can.
Thanks for all the great sessions that we have shared surfing and wave sailing! And of coarse, partying on the beach as well!
Aloha, Olaf Mitchell

Anonymous said...

2011 sails are already out since last summer/fall. you mean 2012.

azuldeultramar said...

Can't tell about the underwear, but the face I would say it's Iballa.



Nord_Roi said...

I already got my 2011 sails....what's the hype? ;-) 2012?

Anonymous said...

Nice pic! ... for the sails I totally agree with you it really doesn't matter the year/model/color/hype etc... Keep us dreamin about windsurfing .... not owning 2017 equipment!

cammar said...

Thanks for the comments.

Of course I meant 2012 (and I corrected the post), thanks.

Dani, I trusted your "local" knowledge and changed the post. I only see the twins a few days a year and can't still tell who is who. Do you have any pointer for me? :)

azuldeultramar said...

Hi Giampaolo!

It's easy, Iballa is the one with the 63 in the sail and Daida has a 64 :)

Just kidding, it's not that easy to know who is who, but if you have them both toguether in front of you, you will see they're different, not only fisically, but the way they move or talk.

But I tell you, after 14 years being friends, I'm still worng from time to time, but not this time, I had some mails with Iballa today and she is the one in the picture.

By the way, you are doing an amazing job with the blog, every time I read it, I want to come back to Maui.



cammar said...

Thanks Dani!

francesco said...

so keith was on a 3.3 what was everybody else on? btw goya and quatro look like the only serious brands out there!! I too think that this anticipation is not cool at all!! brands should slow down and do like hot sails maui does!! they're still in 2010 ;)