Saturday, March 26, 2011

nature first

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we're not quite there yet.

Yesterday was another awfully windy day, very gusty indeed.
Don't be fooled by the photos, because these guys make everything look good.
I waited till late, but no squalls came through and the conditions did not improve (until maybe after 6), so I decided to take a day off the water. Last time that happened was probably a few months ago!

I actually should take a few weeks off the water and nurse a bad case of inflamed tendon (also known as trigger thumb) I've experienced for quite a while now.
I tried homeopathic creams, but they help only a little. Even though I don't like chemical shit, does anybody have experience with DMSO?

Anyway, as title suggests, I selected today's photo of the day because it seems to give the message that nature should come first, which is a thing we forget very often.
Browzinho's goiter in the background.

Other photos in chronological order.



Ricardo (almost made the photo of the day for three days in a row...).

Mauisurfreport welcomes Nayra Alonso back to Maui.



Victor. That was a nice vertical 360.

Lovely legs.

Philip Koster is very strong at any kind of air/rotation off the lip, because the left foot is his jumping front foot on Gran Canaria's port tack. But he's getting better at wave riding and jumping starboard tack pretty much every at every session. He has an amazing body structure. Yesterday we noticed a resemblance with Bjorn and chuckled at the idea of a Bjorn illegitimate son... :)

There he is again.

Kauli this time ripped on each single board he used. I guess he just needed to tune into them. What a sailor.

I'd like to finish this post with good luck message to Andre Paskowsky.
I met him last year for the April photoshoots. After that he's been going through some serious health problems and he still doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. He's been amazingly strong so far and I hope he won't give up now.
Go Andre, hang in there!


nayra alonso said...

thanks for the welcome!

Leedslass said...

Unusual leg shot - makes a change from bums!


Olaf Mitchell said...

Giampallo, I have treated several sports injuries with a combination of Arnica cream and DMSO cream. I believe that I benefited from this combination but still the healing process was slow.BTW:I have had some short and frustrating sessions lately myself.Late evening has defiantly produced the best conditions for me.
Cheers, Olaf Mitchell