Monday, March 07, 2011

trades are back and are here to stay

OMG, what a shock yesterday!

From surfing uncrowded glassy long period waves to sailing choppy short period segmented waves with 35 other guys, the gap in the enjoyment was quite remarkable.
Don't get me wrong, it was still fun. Still better than working and than 1000 more things I could mention... but man, did I miss those glassy waves!

Anyway, the trades are back for a while, so we get what we get. As long as there's waves, you won't hear complains on this website.

I was off and could take some shots in between sessions, but I'm going to start with my beautiful self. This was taken by Francky from the water.

In the meantime, Jimmie was shooting this sequence from the rocks. Not sure it's the same, but it's quite likely, since it's probably the only little lip I managed to hit!! LOL

Big mahalos to the photographers. This is Francky's website (he's probably going to post the other photos later today) and this is Jimmmie's gallery of the day.

And these are my shots.
Photo of the day goes to Maui Surf Report team rider Nico Drasimino, AKA the king of the backloop. He caught me by surprise and I didn't have the time to zoom out, but he went really high.

This photo is horribly blurred (this time I had time to zoom out, but the camera didn't focus), but it will give you an idea of how high Nico went. Browzinho on the left, Robby on the right. Nico went on the horizon line...

Should I link it again? But of course, why not. Ladies and gentleman, here's Nico and his world wide famous mega backloop!

Rest of the photos in chronological order.
Heike makes the blog!

This lady too!

Aussie Matt is back after quite a few years. He had to leave because of a bad disease. So glad to see him back! Didn't forget how to sail, looks like... I gave him a wave in the very late session and screamed:"that's yours Matt! Welcome back!!!"

Ingrid makes the blog too!

Coffee, Browzinho?


El Pipe Martinez.

Ferdinando. This aerial caused a debate on if I should mention or not the outcome of the move. He didn't land it, but who cares, it's a great shot. Nico didn't land that backloop either, I just can't be bothered to mention that every time. Plus, most times I don't even remember.
Instead, I like to mention the successful landing when I remember it.


Now, that's a bootie!

Mark, one hand.

Mark, upside down. This photo shows the short period and the random shape of the waves.



The israeli guy I can't remember the name of.

Robby didn't shine as usual. That tells you a lot about the averageness of the conditions.

Mark, upside down.

For once, it's not a back. Beautiful hands, and everything else.


gary boates said...

You give windsurfing porn new meaning!
BTW, I love that shot of you from the reverse angle (looking shoreward) - rare to see one like that!

Niclas said...

I gotta agree with gary - that's an awesome shot you've got there of yourself!
And since I have a Starboard Quad and a red Superfreak Maui Edition, I'm gonna use it as a desktop background and pretend it's me!

Anonymous said...

That Bootie should get one size bigger shorts!!!!


P.S. Love the front view - my guess is she doesn't do a lot of housework!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi cammar, looking forward to hear a report about the full batten freak maui edition you were riding. Saw it in the gallery on facebook.
Any insides? Are the planing to put it in production? And what sense? Th ought the ME with short battens was so good.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli guy is Peleg, I'm so happy to see him out there ripping..