Friday, March 25, 2011

there's light at the end of the wind tunnel

Yet another day of strong wind, but not as crazy strong as the past ones. As the title suggests, the light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that the trade winds are about to return to a more normal level and I'm very excited about it. But we'll check the forecast at the end of the post.

Photo of the day goes to Ricardo. I like the perfect timing on the lip and the fact that, for some reason, the photo seems to be taken from a lower level than usual while instead I was sitting in my usual spot by the guardrail.

Quatro stickers on a Maui Sails? I don't know this guy!

Kauli tries 7 boards a day...


Just like yesterday, Jason Polakow opted for a downwind run on his F-16. He stopped by at Hookipa for a chat with Kai...

...and to catch a wave at the point. Not an easy thing on a 16 foot long downwind SUP!

There we go! Two thumbs up to Camille for coming up with the gopro mount I've been thinking of. I think the stick should be longer, but I can't wait to see the footage!

No matter how many boards he tries, so far Kauli sails the best on his fishy tail custom.

And I don't know this guy either! There was a Japanese guy on Quatro/Simmer that was ripping... could be him.

Zane bails.

Mo Mula makes the blog catching a sizey one.

Don't you guys want to see the footage of that?

Zane buddy's bit of a damage.

Red Bull hired a bunch of young girls to distribute their dreadful drink at the beach. I can image how the dialog went:
Girls: "hi, do you know the Red Bull drink?"
Levi:"well, you know, it's one of my sponsors.."
Red Bull is a classic example of how our society is fucked up. It's totally unnatural, it tastes like shit, it's bad for you and yet people drink it because it's cool.
Clearly not seeking sponsorship here...

Keith often bends his neck in his top turns. Must help the turn...

Ricardo's wetsuit looks like and impact vest. That is a smart idea for a guy that tries triple forwards.

Ricardo 360 right on the lip.
Third guy that I don't know. There was a mix of NW leftover ground swell and NE 9sec windswell. That's clearly a windswell set.

Nico hits a lip.

Victor's bit of a damage.

The map below is modeled to happen Tuesday. The isobar configuration looks like a laughing mask and the reason for such happiness is that the fetch west of the "right eye" will send a big NW swell our way that will peak around 10 feet at the buoy on Thursday, which means mast high plus at Hookipa. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday should see big waves too.

In the meantime, a couple of small (two feet) NW swells should arrive today (Friday) and Sunday, so we shouldn't get too bored over here. The south pacific shows signs of life too.

It's spring time, a time that can offer a big variety of conditions: big waves, small waves, strong wind, light wind, no wind, south swells here and there. In other words, there should be stuff to do, I'm not worried... it's not summer yet... thank god!

PS. I also added 5 photos that didn't get uploaded to yesterday's post. Check it out again.
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Anonymous said...

3rd guy is Bernd! Another nice shot! You should do a shoot for people!

Fred said...

guy with quatro stickers on a mauisails is robert baldyga from cold poland- central europe, first time on maui...

Wally said...

You underestimate the power of Red Bull! I once jogged/walked over 20 miles back to my resort in Mexico after a night of partying at Cabo Wabo with a couple too many Red Bull's and Vodka.

The starlit desert sky was absolutely beautiful, and sunrise was sublime.

If I wasn't so wired I would have just caught a taxi back and missed all of those wonderful memories ;-)

Now if it could only make me sail like Kauli ... said...

Thank you for the brilliant description of Red Bull. Excellently phrased ;)

Michael said...

Jeez. What a fun post. Just great pics and feeling the vibe. Wouldn't know that the wind was oversized or any other negatives.... Just looks like good fun.

Anonymous said...

Comment to Wally, I'm surprised he still has memories after a "night of Red Bull and vodka" - from one who used to indulge!!


Anonymous said...

Japanese guy that rips on Simmer/Quatro more than likely is Masa

Arrigo said...

foto stupende!!!
amazing picz !!!!

Juan said...

Amazing blog. Congrats!.