Friday, February 12, 2016

1 12 16 morning call

Yesterday was another big waves day, let's get into the Jaws gallery.

First one is this six time overhead drop with board sideways by local charge Andrea Moeller. The photo is from the front and the wall looks completely vertical, but I'm sure it's not since the bottom part of the wave will have some slope. Nonetheless, that looks insane. No idea if she stuck it.
Photo by Erik Aeder.

This one is from John Patao and yes, it is vertical up there.

The wind came up and the windsurfers hit. I've never sailed there (and never will), and I'm pretty sure that dropping in a wave while slogging your way towards the inside must be a pretty challenging task. Probably more challenging that being towed into it, but I'm pretty sure not quite as challenging as catching a wave on a surfboard. Hitting the lip and throwing aerials like this by Morgan Noireaux instead, is something that surfers don't do (yet!), so it feels kinda refreshing. Photo by Jimmie Hepp.

And after so many close-ups, I feel the need for a zoomed out one. Yuri Soledade always on the big ones. Photo by Stella Furlan.

Stuck at home with a cold, at one point yesterday I needed to step out of the house and went to watch the waves in my backyard and they looked incredibly dangerous. So much raw energy, so consistent, so many huge sets. When I got back home, I learned that unfortunately they caused a casualty. A visiting kitesurfer was rescued lifeless at kite beach.

At 6am Pauwela has the biggest reading of the usual three buoys (10.2ft @ 15s from 337) and that's because the swell is gradually and slowly coming down in size along the island chain. NW buoy still shows 8.6ft @ 14s though, so there is still going to be big (at least DOH) waves all day. Sunset definitely smaller than dawn though.

Wind map shows the fetch generating Sunday/Monday swell. Most of the fetches we had so far generated swells that had more energy NE of us, towards the Mainland's west coast. This one instead, is aiming SW of us. Surfline calls for 8f 15s from 308 in Maui on Monday. Mind that the swell might be even more west, since that is the local Maui forecast, which means after the swell has already refracted off the upstream islands.

The high pressure I indicated with an H will move east in the next few days and rule the Pacific generating trades that will be from a more onshore direction than usual. Get the waves now you guys, because conditions are about to deteriorate greatly.

MC2km is stuck at Wednesday, so I'm gonna use this map to show today's wind direction (ESE) which is pretty good for the early morning surfing. When it's like that, later in the day Hookipa usually has more wind that down the coast.

I still got a cold, but today I got the Titans of Mavericks (already ON) and probably the SUP Sunset Beach (7am call) contests to watch.

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