Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2 24 16 morning call

More big waves yesterday, even though a little less out of control than the day before. This is a photo of Honolua by Jason Hall.

This is a tow in wave at Jaws from the day before instead. Surfer Yuri Soledade, photo by Erik Eader.

The buoys are going down. At 4am pauwela reads 9.0ft @ 14s from 339° (NNW) which might become 7f 12s by the end of the day. That means waves that might be surfable (depending on the spot) also by common mortals. Still no Hookipa for me at that size, but I bet there will be guys out there. Unfortunately, the buoy also reads 3.4ft @ 9s from 350° (N), but overall it should be cleaner than the previous two days. Great direction for the west side.

Wind map still shows a powerful fetch oriented towards us, Thursday's swell should be long lasting.

Scattered fetches in the south Pacific might bring small ripples to the south shore in a week.

Well MC2km went back online on Monday, but now it's stuck there again, so here's the 11am wind direction using Windity. Not the best direction, but hopefully 5 knots won't ruin the waves too much.

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