Thursday, February 18, 2016

2 18 16 morning call

I surfed the windswell yesterday, here's a friend of mine looking at a beautiful glassy brown wall.

Maui own's bodyboarder Jacob Romero put together this video. My ribs hurt just by looking at those landings.

NW swell disappeared at the NW buoy, but it's still at the Waimea and Pauwela, so we still have the choice between it and the windswell. At 3am Pauwela reads:
8.3ft @ 9s from 52° (ENE)
4.3ft @ 13s from 344° (NNW)
3.6ft @ 7s from 58° (ENE)

Wind map shows the NW fetch that will send us Sunday's swell getting stronger. That's the one that's gonna get a bit too close and cause the wind to do the usual clockwise clock around before turning onshore.

Today similar wind conditions to yesterday (just a little onshore, but still sailable). I circled the turn of the wind I mentioned above. Sunday morning could actually be small but clean.

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