Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2 17 16 morning call

As predicted, the strong wind arrived and messed up the waves.
Some wind sporters enjoyed it. Photo by Jimmie Hepp.

Congratulations to Maui boy Bernd Roediger for his 4th place at the Sunset Beach SUP contest in Oahu. It was really windy over there too, as you can see from the photo.

The NW and Waimea buoys still show the NW ground swell, now down to 5.0ft @ 13s from 314° (3am Waimea). Pauwela only shows 12.3ft @ 8s from 24° and I put a question mark to indicate the disappearing of the NW swell. It might have disappeared from the graph, but not from the water.
Put yourself in the buoy's shoes (!) and imagine how hard it is to detect 5f oscillations every 13 seconds from one direction when you're being heavily rocked 12 feet up and down every 8 seconds from another direction. I have no idea how buoys work (I guess I should look into it), but it makes sense to me.
Plus, I'm gonna (try to) surf a spot that will filter out the ground swell so it won't make much difference. Wish me luck, 12f 8s is not exactly easy.

Wind map shows scattered fetches. The one in the NW corner is going to get bigger and become captured in the next few days. Surfline forecasts 17f 15s for the peak of the related swell at 8pm on Monday. Unfortunately with onshore winds, so not clean at all. Bigger one later in the week.

I'm liking this forecast provided by Windity, I'll use it until MC2km comes back to life. 20 knots is the open ocean wind speed. At 60 degrees the wind doesn't get amplified by the Haleakala as much as it does if it was a little more easterly (say 75 for example), but it still does a bit.
The problem is that strong wind from that direction always brings tons of rain. I circled the precipitation forecast. Times are in UTC, so subtract half a day to them.
Sideoff easterly wind don't bring as much rain. Did you notice how sunny it was over the weekend and how much cleaner the waves were?

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