Tuesday, February 02, 2016

2 2 16 morning call

After a fun early morning surf session, I spent the rest of the morning glued to the screen watching an amazing day of competition at the Volcom Pipe Pro.

The waves were pumping, constantly increasing and incredibly consistent. What really surprised me is that it never really maxed out and kept being contestable all day, even with those second reef takeoffs.
It was better in the early morning IMO though, because the water on the inside and the channel was more still, the size was just perfect and the waves were absolutely flawless, like the random one in the snapshot below that I used for my facebook post. You can check some amazing shots in their gallery page. It should be on today too.

Apparently the swell did arrive in Maui too, this photo was taken by Jimmie Hepp.

The NW buoy shows still plenty size after the swell reached its first peak and actually it seems it's picking up again. The new pulse could be felt locally in the late afternoon.
Doesn't really matter much, because the waves are going to be big (by my standards) anyway. With a 5am reading of 9.7ft @ 15s from 318° (NW) at Pauwela, in fact, I know I'm not going to surf Hookipa and look for alternative spots instead.

Wind map doesn't show much wave generation for us today. Just a tiny N fetch and a wider but very weak NW one. After Wednesday's pulse, the waves are going to become progressively smaller (still very fun size) until the rough NW weekend swell.

MC2km map at noon shows very little wind, but the 4pm one shows a much better situation for wind/kite surfers.

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