Monday, February 08, 2016

2 8 16 morning call

What a waste of a surperbowl sunday!

I worked till 2, didn't like the numbers at the buoy and the wind direction enough to drive west, checked a couple of spots in town, went to Paia Bay with the intention to at least do a power hour, put the wetsuit on without even checking the conditions, walked all the way down the beach, sat 15 minutes trying to spot a rideable wave, failed the task, walked back to the car.

No worthy action photos whatsoever from yesterday, here's a couple from my friend Gianfranco who has refined his FinShot gopro mount. He also put a new great video on Facebook on the FeatherFlash page, but I don't know how to embed it here. Check it out there and check out also the FeatherFlash website.

Let me bother you guys with this for a second. I just bought a Patagonia big wave padded west, because I wanted to see if it was better than my rib-bra for protecting my lower ribs from touching the board when I lay down and paddle. Of course, it's not made for that and even with some modifications I could do it won't work as well as that little piece of foam I made. But it works great as a overall protection and flotation device, which is what it is made for. The size is S and it fits me perfectly, but I wear M in most wetsuit brands. In other words, it's not a small S. The front looks dirty because of the wax, but I believe that will disappear after a few sessions of not laying down on wax (that is if you use it for tow-in or SUP). I used the vest for a total of 1 hour. I paid $149 + shipping, I'll sell it for $129. Big swell coming Wednesday, hurry up! 280 5687 if you want it.

Confusing graphs at the buoys, I put arrows to indicate the rise of the 11s component on Waimea and Pauwela. Even though it changes color, that is actually the same line, just look at the numbers of the period.
Actually, at 7am Pauwela reads
8.3ft @ 13s from 341° (NNW)
6.4ft @ 9s from 337° (NNW)
and with the north shore still pretty messy with all that onshore wind yesterday, those are good numbers to go west.

Wind map shows a very strong NW fetch, responsible for Wednesday's swell. The Eddie at Waimea got a yellow light.

MC2km map at noon shows light trades, not too many chances for sailing, but the light wind experts or the kiters might make it work.

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