Thursday, February 04, 2016

2 4 16 morning call

Had a very busy day yesterday with:
- early morning surf session
- one more Napoli win (leading the major Italian soccer league rankings)
- windsurfing session at Kanaha (didn't see my new friend, but had a blast in the pure slog and surf conditions that I adore)
- work
Sometimes there's not enough hours in the day!

There was action all over the island (when isn't?). This is kiter Steve Sadler in a photo of Jimmie Hepp that shows very mean/challenging conditions at Hookipa.

This photo of Jason Hall instead shows the usual flawless Honolua.

The NW buoy shows a steady decline and that's what we should expect locally too.
With a 4am reading of 6.8ft @ 13s from 327° at Pauwela, I would not be too worried about the lack of size though. I'll check it again later (link n.11) and decide where to go to check the surf.
I can't believe there's surfers that still don't check the buoys. They can save you so much time (and gas!).

North Pacific wind map shows a weak fetch between a high and a series of lows that are going to intensify and move east. By Sunday, that fetch will be right on top of the islands and bring strong onshores. Waves will be rough, messy and pretty much unrideable everywhere on the north shore.

I keep seeing fetches down south. I believe the first possible small swell arrival is this weekend. We'll see.

MC2km map at noon show very light trades.

PS. Due to a flurry of spam comments that I had to manually delete one by one, I now added the moderation for comments on posts older than 2 days. It's annoying, but at least it's a confirmation that 24,090 pageviews last month and 2 or more posts a day make this blog a good place for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts somewhere in India to place a link for their customers.
Prices for advertising are still $50/month or $125/three months, they might go up if the pageviews go up to 30k.

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