Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10 19 16 morning call

Yesterday's session report: quick surf in the morning, quick sail in the afternoon.

No action photos to post, I'm gonna use a clip of a student of mine that I've been filming, to make a bit of analysis (and publicize this new service I'm offering).

First, believe it or not, my student's name is GP. No wonder that we immediately clicked and liked each other.
Here's a clip of a decent wave at the point two days ago.

Here's some frames.
In the first one below I drew in red the line that Julian Wilson would have done. Obviously GP could have never done that because he's not Julian Wilson, but it gives him an idea of how tight a bottom/top turn combo could have been done on that section.
There were two distracting factors though:
1) that bump that I indicated with a blue line (as long as there's wind and/or windswell Hookipa always have those bumps. That's why my morning conditions scores are so low)
2) the guy paddling out (which at least is going to be a reference mark for this analysis)

In frame n.2 GP is down at the bottom and initiating his bottom turn. He's got the tendency to reach for the water with his back hand and I really like that. If you manage to touch the water in the bottom turn, you're bending your knees and you're putting the board on the rail. So far so good at this point, the red line would still be doable and quite Julian Wilsonish.

I'm not sure if he didn't want to risk to hit the guy, but look instead how much space he took to complete his bottom turn. The spray is still coming off the outside rail, so he's not quite done bottom turning yet, but he's about to switch the weight on the other rail for the top turn...

which finally happens here. I circled in red the other guy's feet, so you guys have an idea of the distance covered. You can also go back to the first frames or the video to see that.
I also drew a blue line to outline how horizontal his approach was in this particular case.
So the message in this case is: don't aim too much for the shoulder. Instead try to stay tight into the pocket of the wave where there's more steepness which has the ability to accelerate your board and counteract the slowing down caused by the tight turns.
The good guys surf where the wave is steep and that's where you want to be. I'm talking to myself too...

Anyway, that was an example of how much seeing yourself surfing or windsurfing and analyzing the video clips can help. Contact me if you're interested in hiring me for that. Email is on the right.
$75/hour to shoot on appointment, $40 if I'm already there taking photos and you see me and ask me to film you.

Thanks GP!!!

Significant buoy readings 5am
2.3ft @ 13s from 179° (S)
1.6ft @ 13s from 197° (SSW)
Barbers Point buoy is back online, one more copy and paste for me, but more information for us. Small energy from the south, but not flat. Check the webcam.

2.6ft @ 10s from 348° (NNW)

2.1ft @ 11s from 340° (NNW)

2.7ft @ 8s from 62° (ENE)           
2.6ft @ 9s from 14° (NNE)
2.5ft @ 6s from 67° (ENE)
2.1ft @ 11s from 6° (N)
All kind of windswell directions/periods at the Pauwela buoy with a couple of feet, 11s from the north to complete the mix. Do not get excited about this morning's surf.
Current wind map shows a fetch NNW of us, but now aiming to the west coast. The high pressure I marked with an H is going to move straight north of us in a perfect position to generate strong trades.
The fetch down south is not particularly strong and is aiming well east of us, but it gives me the opportunity to graphically illustrate again the angular spreading. The arrow is the direction where the main energy of the swell will travel to. But the swell will also open up like a grandma hand fan on both sides of that direction. I call it the cock roach antennas.
MC2km website is down, so we got to live with Windguru.
Perfect position to generate strong trades I said, and this is reflected by the table below, that makes me want to jump on a plane and go somewhere else for the weekend.

PS. Little set on the webcam in Lahaina!

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