Monday, October 03, 2016

10 3 16 morning call

Yesterday was one of those days in which the 10 man rule at Hookipa was totally inappropriate.

By noon it was windy as hell (even though patchy and gusty), but there were more than 10 surfers in the water. I had to work at 2pm and couldn't wait for them to clear the water, so I joined them.
The conditions for surfing at the point were like a 1.5 while windsurfing would have been a 7 at least.
I know, those are subjective judgments, but still I would have preferred nature to be the deciding factor other than a man made rule.

BTW, I'm liking the idea of adding a rank from 0 to 10 in my beach reports. Starting today, I'll end them with a number that states what I think the conditions are as judged from the beach.
Keep in mind that I could be wrong in assessing them and that they are subject to my very own preferences, but I still think it might add a bit of value for you guys reading the report from home and trying to decide if it's worth driving.

This is Livio Menelao at The Point.

The best waves were at Pavils, but as usual it was packed.

Significant buoy readings 4am
6.5ft @ 9s from 85° (E)

7.1ft @ 9s from 56° (ENE)

Still plenty size in the windswell, even though it's turning more from the east.

0.8ft @ 12s from 194° (SSW)
0.4ft @ 14s from 215° (SW)
0.4ft @ 16s from 203° (SSW)
Slivers of long period background energy from the south.

Current wind map shows a tiny NW fetch, a tiny NNE one and the windswell one. This last one will produce the most noticeable waves for us. That strong fetch down south is oriented too much towards the Americas to deserve a circle.

MC2km maps still stuck at Friday, here's the two models at the bottom of the Windguru page that show some horribly strong winds for today. Don't get excited even if you like strong wind, because whit a cloud/rain forecast like that, it will heavily go up and down with the squalls.
Tomorrow looks much better (for surfing at least), even though the rain number that I circled is pretty scary. I never trust the rain forecast though. It's just too hard to predict.

But there sure are some clouds around us as this satellite photo at 4am shows. Keep that laundry for later in the week.

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Anonymous said...

Please stick to the swell surf forecast and beach reports. do we really need a rating of the swell each day? Conditions are constantly changing, especially on Maui, so let people decide for themselves whether they should surf based on your awesome reviews of the daily swell charts, beach report, Etc. It's crowded enough already when it's not good! Just my 2 cents....