Monday, April 21, 2008

Hana bike ride + uncle Pat + links

This is not a post, this is a whole magazine. If you watch/read all the stuff I posted it'll take you one hour, so take your time and maybe do it in several steps.

Hana bike ride
Couple of weeks ago I filmed a bike ride in Hana with the helmet mount that the guys at GoPro sent me.

The mount is extremely sturdy. Unfortunately the helmet was a couple of sizes too small and it just didn't fit good on my big head. In other words, the whole helmet was wobbly...

Here's the little movie.

Bored to death?
How about this one instead?

Cool, uh? You should check the motocross one on their website (didn't manage to embed it here...).


Uncle Pat
Here's a couple of questions I asked Pat Caldwell and his answers.

Q1. As long as I remember, last week's one was of the earliest big south swells of the last 7 years. And there's another big one just around the corner. Can this somehow mean that this is going to be a good summer for our south shores?

uncle Pat: We had a 4-5 Hawaii scale S swell in February this year, so this year started off goofy-foot (right foot forward). Not out of the ordinary to have a big S for mid/late April. 24/26/2004 we had a similar size from a similar direction (170-190 deg). Back to back big ones in 2002 4/25 and 4/29 also from straight south. So 3 out of 10 years we've had big ones in the last part of April.

Seasonal south swell forecasting is mega sketchy. On a positive note, after two years below average in counts of big days, seems reasonable to at least go back to average this year. And we're off to a good start!

Q2. Winter, on the other hand, wasn't particularly good wave wise because of those La Nina conditions. Is there any information already that can lead you to predict what kind of winter we can expect next? I know, long range estimates are subject to abrupt rebundling (and all those other pictoresque ways you say that... love them!), but still...

uncle Pat: Most climate models suggesting neutral or weak La Nina for next November-January. Such conditions should give average winter conditions, and average in Hawaii means an abundance of surf!

Read Pat Caldwell wave forecast for Oahu. Thanks Pat, we love you.



Here's a few interesting links/videos.

This first one in particular really hits the spot. It's almost 20 minutes... come back if you don't have time now, but do a favor to yourself: watch it!
I really love this woman and what she says. Too bad that most humans instead let their left hemispheres rule/ruin their lives by things like money, power, being cool, looking good, etc...

My friend Nico's huge backloop

All these photos on surfline are really beautiful. But number 13 is unbelievable... that must have been a really cold gust!

This video is a little masterpiece. Can't believe it has been seen only 1,381 times... so far.

Interesting article on how the government uses the media to control the vast majority of population that watch tv news.

Last, but sure enough not least, this is a new technology that allows 360 degrees videos. Check the tow-in one at Teahupoo. Click on the screen and move the mouse around to change the point of view. Unreal.

AND, I just found the photos taked with the same camera on surfline.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the Hana bike ride.

fswp said...

that's indeed a very high backloop, nice going !

Anonymous said...

Back loop is huge...but that 360 degree view film is awesome! I can't wait to see more of that technology in use! Thanks for the link!


jeff E of the Great White North said...

saw you at kanaha two days ago was going to roll you for your kit and you fancy wheels but too many people around....LOL

Anonymous said...

Jill's story is powerful. Thanks for spreading her message.

cammar said...

Thanks everone for the comments (and for spreading the blog address...).

Jill... what a woman!

I just added the link to see the photos of Teahupoo with the immersive camera on surfline

Sharon said...

I just went to Teahupoo on my lunch break and might need a bucket, as I'm still feeling the motion of the ocean. Buurrrrrrrrrrp.

Anonymous said...

Hey G.P.

Thought you might like this one:

Nearly as good a job as yours! ;)

cammar said...

Careful with the keyboard Sharon...

Nice catch Robin...