Thursday, April 12, 2012

GP and the lovely ladies

UK photog Si Crowther posted this shot in this FB gallery.
Blog reader Patrick commented: "There cannot exist a picture that sums up your blog better than this one. A smiling girl, a beautiful behind and the Italian waterman. Excellente!"

Thanks to both, I totally agree.
If I was a better sailor I'd be flying with a big aerial over that section (still safe for Laura) and that would have been a magazine (is there still such a thing?) shot... well, I'm sure trying more aerials these days (see below), so maybe one day...

These are the shots I took yesterday in between sessions.


Kai K. Simmer was having a photoshoot.

Ben Profitt rail grab

Francisco P.

Graham. Check the standup paddler on the background





team rider Nico takes the shark up there

Muzza is having a great time. Every windsurfer at Hookipa is having a great time, I believe.

you guys know how much I don't care about birthdays and man made celebrations. But to see the my birthday on a shirt is still something that caught my attention... Jan 10th 2004 biggest day ever surfed... unfortunately I didn't have the blog back then, so I can't tell you where I surfed... but I can guarantee you two things: 1) I did surf somewhere; 2) I didn't surf Jaws!





Griffin bail out at the end bowl

Patrick likes to do that. I guess I would like to do that to if I knew how...

My first 20 minutes yesterday were particularly inspired. On one wave I did something that I never did before: two aerials!
That means that I landed the first one in front, which is already quite rare for me. This sequence is the second one which instead went off the back. Stoked.

Photos by Jimmie Hepp out of this gallery.

Couple of more shots from Si.

Couple of more shots from Jimmie.

Thanks to all the photographers!!!

Forecast keeps looking great. The start of this Spring is bloody fantastic.
Got to go to work now, but it's only a five hours shift... I'm out at 2pm when a NW swell will start rising... it's a pleasure to go to work with that in mind... :)


Anonymous said...

oggi ho sentito il profumo del mare stando inchiodato in ufficio ... grazie

Weasel's Wake said...

The girl doing the downwinder in the 6th pic, looks like Devin. I don't know her or have met her, but it sure looks like her.
She's in this vid.

nico said...

ahhahaha ha you bastard

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, but when trying to see images larger a XvidSetup.exe is starting to download - not so web-like imo.

cammar said...

I know, that's annoying. My blog has been hacked and I don't know how to fix it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply.
Sorry to hear that - can't help out myself, but hopefully there are som tech savvy readers on here that might be able to help you fix it. Best from Danish avid reader.