Tuesday, April 17, 2012

jumping shoot

I got 15 minutes to do this post, so it's gonna be short.

It was another cracking day at Hookipa. Not for me though, since it was very windy and you guys know how much I dislike that, but I'll talk about my session at the end (time permitting.

Neil Pryde was having a shoot at Lanes, you'll see the photos below.
Chronological order.

Timo preparing to face a most likely rejection



Josh went back to throwing goiters. He's having a blast windsurfing, also motivated my the fact that his 13 yo son Hurley is stoked on it


Mark. Beautiful.

in the warmup for the photoshoot, Browsinho joined his buddies and showed who was the best jumper... by far. Dry landing double forwards, pushloop forwards, you name it. He just killed it.

this is the photoshoot. it was Kauli, Ricardo and Polakow on green sails and Swift on the purple one

Polakow sailed visibly better today

at sunset conditions started to improve greatly. Ricardo

Last shot goes to Casey in the beautiful low sun light

Session report.
I hated it. I went out at 11.30 and I was already overpowered on a 4.2.
I was on a quad (I don't like them, but I bought one because it was too cheap to pass) that was clearly underfinned in strong wind and spinning out all over the place.
I also had pain in the area where I hit the rocks yesterday, but mostly it was the brutal wind and related chop.
So after 20 minutes I wisely decided to stop.

I think that the big waves of the day before moved a lot of sand and when I got off the board in the shore break, I put my foot on a rock where usually there's sand. I didn't get cut, but now I have a second pain right under the foot that is quite annoying.
About sunset time, the waves seemed to pick up again (that was the forecast) and with the wind finally easing a bit, it started to look pretty epic to me.
I wanted to try again, but while limping my way to my car I said:"man, where the fuck are you going?" and decided to pass.
Strong wind apart, today the waves should be really good again (and from a more northerly direction). I'll borrow a seat harness and see how I do. What my body is really telling me though, is to rest.
Oh well, you need these days to appreciate the good ones...


Anonymous said...

Hi GP, Great pics and Infos (as usual). Are you shure it was a Pryde shooting? I think they finished their shooting two weeks ago. It must have been the JP-shooting. However, Nice action! Mahalo, Dennis

cammar said...

Correct, it was a JP shoot. If I'll ever find the time I'll correct the original post. thanks.

Weasel's ake said...

That may have been a short post, but it was RIPE with keepers!!!
Love the chopper shots.
Thanks ~ WW

cammar said...

WW, if there was a "like" in the comments, like on Facebook, you would get one from me.
I just love that:"RIPE with keepers!!!"