Monday, April 09, 2012

Kanaha at Hookipa

I can't remember such a long stretch of fun sailing days.

To illustrate this phantasmagoria of great sailing days, I chose this shot by Jimmie Hepp out this gallery. This is Neils on Saturday and that is a nice turn on a glassy, glassy, glassy wave.

These are my shots from yesterday. Don't have a favorite, so chronological order.

Olya's smiling eyes

not sure, but could be Nico.. but of Corse! LOL

as usual Kauli impressed me with his radicality. Later on he impressed my with his grilling skills. Thanks to Stefano and to the Brazilian crew, that was awesome.



Team bikini hits the water


could be Lalo

too big of a stick for your dog, Sean!


my friend Fares celebrated his birthday with his third Hookipa experience. Way to go.



I saw a wave of Kauli where he hit the lip three times. Actually, he hit it UNDER the lip. I didn't take any photos, but when I told him, he definitely remembered it too. What a sailor!

Someone's happy to be back in Maui



lovely legs
Sessions report.
Sorry, it has been fun every day... I got them all confused.
I do feel like mentioning yesterday's late session though. I think I was the one that had the most fun out there...
The waves were big at times, there were plenty of them they were coming from a NEish direction that made them peel nicely and they had a period around 11 seconds that made them kinda mushy and not particularly threatening. Someone said:"it's like Kahana at Hookipa!"

Not exactly what the pro sailors are looking for (even though, they're having fun too), but ideal for a mediocre sailor like me to push it a bit more.
Yesterday evening in particular, something clicked and I started closing my bottom turn a lot tighter. That felt good, really good.
Take a look at this mini gallery of my beautiful self (da hell, being the blog author got to have some priviledges!) and you'll see a strong need for getting more vertical up the face.

First three shots by Jimmie Hepp, last one from the water by Mauiwatershoots.

It's been fun and it will be even more fun. Forecast looks good... keep your eyes on Wednesday!

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