Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday 3 14 19 morning call

A shortboard session for me yesterday... if you can call a session when you manage to not catch one single wave. I gave Hookipa a 5 from the beach, because it looked like it, but once in the water it was pretty horrible. I saw a wave that had 8 different peaks breaking at the same time and 2-3 bumps of water in front. Classic Hookipa. This morning was a little better, so it deserved a 6, as in the beach report that today I did before posting this call.

My pick of Jimmie Hepp's gallery of the windsurfing action at Hookipa is this one. Pretty solid size, I'd say.

7am significant buoy readings
South shore
1ft @ 18s from 195° (SSW)

2ft @ 13s from 207° (SSW)                                    
0.8ft @ 18s from 195° (SSW)
Pretty decent readings at the two south facing local buoys. So decent that I had to go look for the fetch, but I didn't find any, other than that small one pictured below in the collage of the maps of March 8 and 9.
Wherever they come from, what counts is that the south facing shores will have waves also today.
To confirm that, Ala Moana has beautiful but inconsistent long period sets.

North shore
4.6ft @ 11s from 325° (NW)

3.8ft @ 11s from 331° (NNW)

3.9ft @ 12s from 320° (NW)

3.9ft @ 9s from 55° (ENE)
2.6ft @ 6s from 66° (ENE)
2.6ft @ 12s from 332° (NNW)
1.6ft @ 11s from 339° (NNW)
Nothing new on today's horizon, as all the buoys only show the slowly declining (mostly in the period) NW energy. Below is Pauwela's graph that looks very much like the Surfline forecast I posted yesterday. Hookipa was head high with occasional bigger sets.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has a fetch east of Japan (that will develop into the one of the extra large Monday's swell) and a relatively close NW one.

Nothing from the South Pacific.

Morning sky.

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