Sunday, November 01, 2015

11 1 15 morning call

I did take those bombs I was all pumped to go get yesterday morning, but mostly on the head.
Below is an example of that. That lip took me down so deep that I could feel the pressure of the water in my ears. I did not hit the reef, but I'm sure I was pretty damn close.
Those two extra feet of water of high tide must have helped. I would have not paddled out to that spot if it was low tide.
A little detail can make a big difference. Plenty of those details in these morning calls.

Another incredible day of action at the Aloha Classic (how lucky have they been so far?!). This is Ricardo Campello, one of the sailors that impressed me the most together with Kai Lenny in yesterday's heats.
They're almost done (9 more heats to go in the Pro Men's), probably today there will be a champ.

I personally hope that Morgan can hold on his first place but either way he's my personal champion already because of this photo (and because he's one of the nicest, most humble guy I've ever met).
While the other competitors where fighting their way into the loser brackets, he was getting barreled at Lanes!
Just think about it. The equivalent in surfing would be this: John John wins the single elimination at Pipeline and while they were running the heats of the double, the camera catches him doing a big aerial while windsurfing Backyards. That is just never gonna happen.
Photo by Jimmie Hepp.

The three buoys show a lovely steady going with very similar sizes. Plenty waves also today.
Notice the NW readings:
5.5ft @ 13s from 295° (WNW)
3.8ft @ 10s from 332° (NNW)
The WNW swell went a little more west (I don't remember seeing that on the fetches of the past few days), but there's a new 10s component from 332.


Wind map shows a very weak NW fetch and a much stronger SE one. I draw the possible angular spreading lines to let you guys familiarize with the concept more.
The red arrow points to the corner where most south swell for Hawaii are generated and that corner should get better tomorrow.
The black circle indicates a front that is forming in the area.

That's a close up of that front. I do not forecast clouds and rain (because I couldn't care less), so I have no idea if it is going to get closer (looks like it on the animation of link n.6), but even if it does, I do want to point out how amazing the weather has been in these last days of October.
Beautiful sunny days have graced the contest so far. With that wind direction but without the sun there would have been not a single heat completed yet.
And in the next few days the wind is going to turn to a more sideshore direction, so that it's looking very good for the whole next week, where the "local" categories can take place. Including the old farts, where I belong.
Just one quick comment
MC2km maps are not updated yet at 6am, you guys check them by yourselves later if you want to know a reliable wind forecast.
Once again, they need to have today's date at the very right top corner and/or maps starting from 6am this morning to be updated/reliable.
Report from Hookipa coming up soon.

PS. I've been asked to remind all windsurfers and kiters that there is a no-sailing before 11am rule at Kanaha. Please stick to it and don't create trouble to the local community. Thanks.

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