Monday, November 30, 2015

11 30 15 morning call

Long waits at Honolua due to the shadowing of Molokai, but when the occasional set managed to wrap around it, it was gorgeous.

This is Nikki Van Dijk in a photo from Jimmie Hepp.

Below the graph of three buoys at 6am.
I put a red line on what was the peak of the swell. Traveling times according to tables and size decay according to mother nature.
I put a second red line on the NW buoy graph to show how the swell steadily declined in those 18h after the peak before stabilizing again around 6f (but with the period still declining).

Pauwela reads
6.0ft @ 9s from 70° (ENE)         
4.3ft @ 15s from 322° (NW)
4.0ft @ 13s from 321° (NW)
and that is a lot smaller than yesterday. Not sure they're gonna run the contest, we'll find out in... 10 minutes!
Surfline forecast for Wednesday calls for 10f 15s out of 330 and that is a MUCH BETTER direction. I really hope they'll wait.

 Wind map shows a nice big NW fetch and a small insignificant S one.
I ran the whole 2 weeks of the model and I counted at least 5 storms following each other off mainland Asia. 3-4 days of big waves, spaced by 2-3 days of smaller waves, that's the beautiful regime that will last for the first half of December.
Unfortunately the trades will ruin most of them, but wind/kitesurfers will be happy.

MC2km map at noon shows the wind that it shows.

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