Saturday, November 14, 2015

11 14 15 morning call

Sorry about this being the latest morning call so far, since I can't surf I thought about checking out the Kula farmers market.
Here's my quick feedback (without having eaten what I bought yet): from the price point of view, it's not worth it for me to drive all the way up there from Paia.
Quality and freshness of the food looked good though.

9.6ft @ 10s from 71° (ENE)
3.6ft @ 7s from 70° (ENE)

3.7ft @ 6s from 127° (ESE)
2ft @ 13s from 186° (S)
0.5ft @ 22s from 168° (SSE)
Windswell only on the north shore (but a big one) and marginal energy on the south shore. 2f 13s at Barbers usually don't make more than knee high in Maui (never trust 100% what I say if the sun is out and double check it on the webcam).
And if you're wondering where that half foot 22s from 168 comes from, here's my best bet.
Below is the south pacific (the region we care most for south swells generation) weather map. I circled a strong and long fetch directed towards South America. The angular spreading of it might be what the Barbers buoy is reading. I added a non-in-scale picture on top, to give you a rough idea of where Hawaii is compared to the source of the swell.
That would also explain the SSE direction.
After that, the fetch didn't do any good for us, so do not expect that long period swell to build locally at all.
Gonna be a small weekend for the south shore, as the next good fetch happened only on the 11th and it wasn't that strong either (probably 1f 15s on Wednesday the 18th).
But the good news is that the fetch we have on today's map below is going to get better in the next few days, so the south pacific keeps beating and didn't go to sleep yet.

We can also admire the WNW fetch we talked about yesterday starting to intensify, but it's still too west to make waves of consequences in Maui. We'll have to wait until it moves east a bit.

Strong wind again, MC2km map at noon is below.
Wind related sports are never good in Maui when the forecast is for strong wind, IMO. Strong wind brings lots of rain and that makes the wind go up and down. Green is the color you guys want to be after on Windguru. Red sucks.
Let me give you an example with numbers.

The ideal wind forecast for me is 15 knots from 75 on windguru.
On a sunny day, the glorious Haleakala can turn that into 20-22 not too gusty. If it's from 65, it might make 17-18 steady knots out the them. If it's from 85+, it might make 25+ and gusty.
More easterly trades get stronger amplification and gustiness.
More northerly trades get weaker amplification, but stay nice and steady.

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