Sunday, November 08, 2015

11 8 15 morning call

Good conditions at Hookipa for the windsurfing contest yesterday.

The photos below are from the heat between Levi and Camille. Levi won that one and is now going to challenge Traversa who was third in the single elimination.
Before that, Levi eliminated an in form Victor Fernandez in a heat that must have been very close in scores. I personally saw Victor on top also thanks to a perfect forward off the lip, but I wasn't judging and when you're not writing down the scores, you can't really know who won it. Plus judging is personal. Victor fought hard for his last chance of winning the PWA world title (he had to win the contest to snatch it), which went to Philip Koster instead. Congratulations to him.

Camille arched back aerial.

Levi aerial 360.

Levi straight through the lip.

Camille goiter.

Levi big aerial. I believe this is the wave in which he did a 360 at the end and got a perfect 10 across the board.

The wind should be good today too, as the noon MC2km map shows. When it's that strong in the forecast, it rarely ends up being like that because of the clouds and rain. Plus the inside of Hookipa is always lighter than the outside.


Below is the graph of the three buoys that shows how the period of this NW swell is going down, but the size is kind of steady and that's good news for the contest. The swell in Maui peaked during the night, but there are still going to be waves today.

Barbers is reading
3.6ft @ 14s from 200° (SSW)
3.3ft @ 7s from 139° (SE)
0.7ft @ 22s from 195° (SSW)
and those are fine numbers. Notice also the 22s reading, that's a new pulse of the swell that will become significant on Monday.

Below are the south pacific maps of Nov 1st and 2nd. On the 1st I circled the fetch that made those 3.6 14s we have today (7 days later) and on the 2nd I circled the fetch (a completely different one) that made those 0.7 22s (6 days later, longer period waves travel faster).

Last is today's wind map that shows a decent NW fetch and a strong high pressure that will keep dominating the north pacific for this week. Lots of wind.

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