Friday, November 06, 2015

11 6 15 morning call

Another very busy day at the windsurfing contest at Hookipa, but before that I scored a session in one of my favorite spots. Chest high and just a friend of mine and me. Can't beat that.

Below are the winners of the two categories that were completed: Youth and Grand Masters.
They are both on Hot Sails Maui which is my sponsor too, so I'm very happy to post their photos by Jimmie Hepp.
Today more action with the double eliminations of Masters and Amateur. Cool, I get to sail uncrowded Hookipa again! The pro Men and Women are schedule to hit the water again in the weekend and that's also when the live webcast will resume.

This is Jake Schettewi, who is 14 and totally rips.

This is Colin Baker, who is over 55 and totally rips too! Well, proportionally at least.

Buoys 4am
4.4ft @ 10s from 89° (E)           
4.3ft @ 8s from 90° (E)
4ft @ 7s from 92° (E)

3.9ft @ 8s from 41° (NE)
2.2ft @ 7s from 41° (NE)
1.2ft @ 13s from 333° (NNW)
1.1ft @ 11s from 352° (N)
7.1ft @ 9s from 67° (ENE)           
2.1ft @ 13s from 335° (NNW)
3.5ft @ 7s from 139° (SE)
2.2ft @ 15s from 190° (S)
0.5ft @ 20s from 183° (S)
No sign of the weekend NW swell at the NW buoy yet and that is according to the forecast that calls for the forerunners to start showing in Oahu at sundown (4-5 more hours for Maui).
The small NW readings at Waimea and Pauwela are another much smaller swell, but they sure are welcome in an otherwise sea dominated by chop and windswell. Also because the windswell went down a foot and went 20 degrees more east compared to the reading of yesterday morning.
It's still gonna be very bumpy out there and hard not to bounce all over the place.
Wind map shows no fetches from the north and a couple of small weak ones from the south.
Notice the gigantic area of well established trade winds we are immerged in. That's gonna last for fucking ever. Sorry, I do not like that.

The weather map shows that too. Notice how straight those isobars over the islands are and that should make the wind particularly strong. Still up and down with the squalls of course. Yesterday there were some big ones in the morning. Today looks a little clearer, but the strong wind does bring the rain.

Last but not least, 2.2ft @ 15s from 190° (S) at the Barbers buoy is a good reading, but even better is 0.5ft @ 20s from 183° (S) which means that the weekend south swell is already showing and that at sunset it should be pretty good size. DO NOT FORGET: south swells onset is extremely slow and inconsistent.

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Love your reports. I'm in the contest too! Cheers, Carl