Sunday, February 22, 2009

flow rider

Post update.

Here's the link to Sharon's post with more funny shots.
Here's the link, instead, to some serious fake wave action. Check the last rider... a very young Jason Prior shows everyone how it's done.

Lastly, I'd like to publicly declare how proud I am of myself. After the fake wave, yesterday we all went to a pub and had a few beers (and for my first time ever a Shepperd's pie... not quite a big hit in Italy!).
I was feeling happy and tipsy. The party continued in an Haiku home, with master DJ Masters. I wisely decided not to go. I knew I would have had a few more and I knew I would have hated life on Sunday morning (that's what happens at my age when you drink too much and don't sleep enough).
Instead, I woke up full of energy and had two light wind wave sailing sessions that made me very happy indeed.

Life is about priorities. I just love mine.


That fake wave in Kihei is so much fun...

Cool, relaxed and focused.


The cool pool dude takes a little girl for a ride.

Here's the old fart again.

Hand in the water is not cheating.

Bikini of the day.

The fart tries to go sideways...

... and there he goes!

Thanks to Sharon for taking all this photos. She got plenty more, so stay tuned: I'll post the link right here as soon as they're online.
But the most thanks go to birthday boy Danny who rented the place for us!!! Thanks Danny, that was a blast!

PS. The day before I was practicing balance with dinner... I'm getting good at that cabbage risotto my mom showed me!


Waterturtle said...

LOL.....cabbage risotto....and your face on the it!

Anonymous said...

You have such grace on a board - and that final shot just says it all. Is that the new way to cure a hangover?

Anne x

Anonymous said...

Why a fake wave in Hawai'i??? In Paris it will be more useful. :)


cammar said...

what's to laugh about cabbage risotto? That's serious stuff! Google 'verza e riso' and you'll find out... but learn italian first!

no hangover for me this time.

that's exactly what I thought when they opened it. But, it's in Kihei and the tourists like it anyway. I would personally never go on my own, but if a friend of mine rents it for an hour and invites all the other friends for a party... trust me, we had a lot of fun laughing at each other. Every single ride ends with a wipeout and you're right there to watch (and laugh). Not quite the same in surfing.
The whole ride is completely different from surfing. There's no fins, all is done by the back foot.
So the challenge to try to master something different makes it fun.
Said this, real surfing is clearly a million times better, since real waves are all different from the each other...

Lano said...

Is it hard to do GP?

Jason Prior rips in that You tube clip!

cammar said...

Quite hard. I guess wakeboarding and all those sports in which you have water flowing fast under your board help. But I found it very challenging because completely different from surfing.
Heaps of fun, but distinctively dangerous. It's all soft and padded, but EVERYONE had a sore neck the day after. The falls you take are just spectacular...