Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pro-less Hookipa

Hookipa, photos from last sunday.

Without the top pros who are in Cabo Verde for the pwa event, let's see some new faces.
Best turn of the day, Frederick Steinbeck.

Dean Christener.

I think I saw this face already...

Patrick Bergeron wave 360.

Mark Angulo keeps trying his thing. Sure enough, he's persistent.

Bernd Roediger.


Last, but not least, swedish sailor Ola Helenius with his new self designed and Maui built board.

His daughter wasn't too impressed.

My big respect to his wife Isla, who left the young child alone on the bluff for quite a while. An italian mother would have never done that for the fear that the child would have done something dangerous. Which means that either italian children are more stupid than swedish ones or that italian mothers are more apprehensive than swedish ones...
Look at her: "I think that bloke over there is taking photos of me..."

"I better assume a more composed pose!"

Thanks to his dad Pietro, here's a photo of Francisco Porcella training hard in Punta Preta (what a tough job!). He has been admitted to the top (?) 32 PWA athletes (selected with a mysterious criteria) who will compete starting February 14th.
Not too shabby conditions, uh? Another webcastless event. Another great missed opportunity.

Other photos of him, on Pietro's blog.

Here in Maui everybody seems to be excited about the super windy forecast for this weekend.
For my personal tastes, it's the worse forecast I can think of. Strong, offshore, gusty, squally, short period big windswell pushing you right onto the rocks with a wave on the head every 8-10 seconds... I might well choose to stay out of the water and take photos of the carnage from the bluff.

Ah, if only Santa would bring me some webcast gear...

PS. Beachtelegraph.com linked this quite pragmatic weather forecast site. Here's a few zip codes to play with:
New york: 10001
Los Angeles 90001
Absarokee, Montana 59001
Paia 96779.

PPS. I almost forgot... here's a lil present for all the UK windsurfers. The present being not Robby Swift in a tie of course (who cares about that), but the hot college girl with the union jack in the background. More photos of that party in this post on Sharon's blog. Nice one, Ulli.

PPPS. Someone needs a room in Kuau?

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos as usual! Say Hi to Ola and Gisela (and their kids!) from cold Sweden.... Apparently "IT IS FUCKING COLD (I'm not sure how you can stand it)" here.