Monday, February 23, 2009

sea lion back side action

No, this post is not about the sex habits of marine mammals.

It's about the craziest looking board on the market: the AHD Sealion.

Here's a little video I shot today (8-10 knots of wind).

sea lion backside action from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

Hey, how apropos was the title of the song?!!
Ok, I know you guys want to see where the camera was... One of those sticky plates that come with it. The safety line proved to be unnecessary.

Here's another video that the designer Bruno Andre put together.

And here's some standup photos (the yellow board is Jeff's).

I'm not telling where that wave is... not even under torture. What a discovery!

Too bad that since that day I haven't seen it working again.

I guess it's very tide dependent... you really don't want to fall there!

End of another day at the office.

Talking about offices, here's Hot Sails Maui designer Tom Hammerton's working table with his latest creation: the Fire Power Edition. It seems, in fact, that in Maui we are a little weird and we want sails that kill the power (that the gusty side shore wind offers in abundance). It also seems, in fact, that in other parts of the world they actually want sails as powerful as possible! Weird...

Well, it was spectacular out there today.
I timed my session right with the rising tide and those waves were just beautiful.

Up the coast it got pretty freaking big, with plenty 10-14 footers (lots of tow-in action).
Tomorrow, more of the same. Check Pat Caldwell forecast... a really good looking one.
It's going to be a busy week here in Maui.
Don't worry you guys... I'll make sure that all those waves won't go wasted.


Unknown said...

GP - Let's hear more about the board. Does it live up to the hype?

Anonymous said...

Save some head high clean ones for me GP. Flying in on Thursday.

cammar said...

I intentionally didn't talk much about the board, because those were my first sessions (sailing and sup) and that's not really enough for me to express an opinion.
Sure enough, it's a board that takes some time to get used to, since it's so radically different from everything else out there (just like the Seal was).
Two facts:
1) I had fun in both sessions
2) Bruno rips on it

sorry to inform you that there will not be many clean ones... seen the wind forecast?
Probably still better than paddling in the snow, though! You are completely nuts!! Respect...

Unknown said...

Well, I'm excited to hear about it when you get a better feel for it. Did Bruno say anything about US distribution?


Anonymous said...

Another nice video!


By the way, what are the conditions like in early April? Do you still have some swell and does the wind become a little more regular? I was thinking of seeing this place in person.

Anonymous said...

sono diversi anni che ahd propone questa tavola ma con scarsi risultati, per non dire zero. In Italia non l'ho mai vista...bisognerebbe provare

cammar said...

let's see if Bruno reads your comment and answers that.

April can be really good. Waves should not be a problem, and the wind starts becoming a little more consistent, but I do remember a couple of weeks a few years ago in which some friends were visiting and it didn't blow once... it's all about the luck. If you can, book at the last minute after having checked the forecast. Like, can you come today instead? Plenty wind and waves (even though with decreasing period) this week.

Anon says that it's many years that AHD has that board...

Burns said...

Hi guys

Almost done for the distribution...
I hope we can confirm that on our website in the next days!!!
Untill now, we have taken care of US by ourselves...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the advice about April conditions.


jeff E of the Great White North said...

I talked to juan and a few people in the shop about power sails, tight leeched for light air sailing, longboard racing, its on the rise again. check out:
The term "longboard" means more then one thing to us old windsurfers , ( ones that actually saw plastic windsurfers at one time)
Power, if Tom makes it they will come.
You been on maui too long Giampaolo!!
but here at home its what we need with thermal winds or weather fronts. All the get up and go you can get!! 9.0 sail formula board, big fins.
Ever since i bought the original starboard formula 155 my sailable days went up 33% add a 9,.0 they doubled!.
On small gear you can swim in if the wind dies in lake superior but if it a far swim you are risking hypothermic death.
power, Giampaolo power to the people!!!