Sunday, July 19, 2009

oahu day 37

No action shots today, so you have to live with this one, which, I believe, will make someone happy...

Those three 81s are mine, Clay's and Hans'.
When Pascal sold me that board he said:"it's going to be perfect for you in Oahu!"
I can now say that he wasn't lying.

Went to see a surf movie yesterday called "sipping jetstreams". Very well done, with a lot of images of people and culture of the places where it was shot. Not the usual Hawaii, Indo, Australia, etc, but places you would never think as surf spots. Even Italy was in it! Nice soundtrack too and no words at all, only images. A bit on the short side: 40 minutes, I could have taken a bit more.

Went for a dinner at The Shack afterward and did plenty of people watching. That triggered this thought:
It's very sad that nowadays standards for being 'hot' induce girls to put on shit like:
- high hills
- nail polish
- fake boobs

What's even more sad is that most girls actually do that.
And what's even more sad is that most guys like them... even I do! It's weird. I disapprove and I would probably never really hang out with a girl with all of the above (because I suspect I won't be particularly interested in her personality), but I surely wouldn't mind a sesh! What a living contradiction I am...

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not a girl.
Actually, I'll take that back. If I was a girl, I wouldn't care about all of the above I'd be like Michelle. Who, by the way, after another triumph in her category in the Maliko - Kahului standup paddle race a couple of weeks ago, will now challenge the Molokai - Oahu channel this weekend. Way to go sistah!

Talking about being a girl, also seen the lack of photos of this post, one of the reasons I lately went back to Maui for a week, was to attend Ulli's 40th birthday party. The theme was Germany and here's my sexy Lufthansa hostess impersonation.
The kissing hottie clearly had a partner in the form of boyfriend, husband or similar, just like pretty much all the other girls at the party. What a boring society this is...

The forecast is particularly interesting.
First, let's have a look at today's weather map from down under.

That beautiful fetch will send a big swell in about 7 days, so around Sunday 26th it's going to big pretty damn big again. Uncle Pat says that it's going to be a long lasting episode, but I tend to disagree on that, since the following days weather maps are not as good. We'll see.
Hey, the 26th is the day of the Molokai crossing! That'll make for an interesting arrival...

But what's even more interesting is that starting Thursday the trade winds should get extremely light for a few days. Sunday looks pretty light too, but it's a week ahead and that can change. Light trade winds will make the crossing way harder...

Hang on! I just also saw on the maps a decent NW swell slotted for... sunday again! How that will influence the status of the channel... no idea. We'll find out, I guess. Actually, they'll find out!

Ok, time to go rack some more waves for the 1000 target. I don't know if I'll stay in Oahu till the end of July, so I better get to work.


Anonymous said...

more than happy!

thanks gp for not uploading any pics of da spot but instead advertising quatro! this makes me suffer a bit less ;)

you're right on spot with your comment about sailors on oahu and wanna-be-pros etc. another reason why i stayed there so long...


Meesh said...

Thanks for the props GP. Unfortunately the Molokai Challenge is full and not accepting any more racers, so it will have to be 2010 for me! I have not however, ruled out the possibility of "support" team on a boat and patay after!!