Sunday, July 26, 2009

oahu day 45 - two waves shy of...

A bit of surfing and a bit of sailing made for a total of 21 waves today. That brings the total to 998.

Links and news.
- Brett Simpson won $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars!!!) at the Us Open of surfing at Huntington Beach.
Here's a photo from Harry from the previous days.

And here's the highlights of the heat in which Kelly Slater did the sickest carving 360 you can possibly imagine. Minute 2:00.

That's actually the most difficult surfing maneuver I have ever seen. I watched it many times and I still can't figure how in the world he did it... without footstraps!
Unreal. Insane. Sick. And whatever other word you may want to use. Impossible, that's how that move was.
I love the way he "claims it" with his left arm at 2:03. That's exactly what I would have done if I was there watching from the beach. I would have done that same exact gesture, turned around and said loudly to whoever was standing behind me:"you got to be kidding me!"

- Jamie Mitchell won $3,000 winning the prone paddleboard category for the eighth time at the Molokai to Oahu crossing.
I went to the arrival to cheer Michelle (who got second in the standup mixed team category) and took some horrible photos (and parked even worse: $50 ticket). This is the only good one.

- FINALLY, a decent non-live coverage of a heat of a windsurfing contest. Ok, windsurfing is way poorer than surfing and setting up a proper live webcast might be an expensive task, but something like this is way more doable. Two cameras and a commentator (great job by Ben Profitt) et voila': we can actually see what the Pozo final looked like. Thanks Patrick for sending the link, but specially thanks to the people who did it... FINALLY!

- crazy The Wedge SUP action. Thanks Alex.

The Wedge - Bryce & TJ Saeman from SportShorts on Vimeo.

day waves: 21
windsurfing: 551
surfing: 416
total: 998
average per day (41 days in the water): 24.3


Olaf said...

Kelly has been surprising me since I was a kid,and he still does! Frequently nowadays, and what.. with 37 years!

I hope he beats Parko in the wct this year. Sorry for Parko, surely he deserves it... but more deserves it mr. slater. Win the 10 titles and then leave. For sure it´s getting bored.

Steven said...

1000! That is an accomplishment in itself, counting that high I mean!
See ya soon!