Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oahu day 39

It's official: I'm in love with Da Spot.

What another awesome session yesterday! Sorry Pascal if this is going to hurt you more, but I took a break between my two sessions and had time to take some pics.
Hans was on fire.

At the same time Bruno was in the water filming and I can't wait to see the footage. It doesn't show from the photos, but some waves were extreeemely clean.

Nice spray.

The start of a perfect 'hair job'.

See what I mean? The hair you guys, the hair.

This is Fabrice (who gave me a copy of his video, thanks!).

Cute little bugger.

day waves: 32
windsurfing: 542
surfing: 320
total: 862
average per day (35 days in the water): 24.6


Anonymous said...

can't take it anymore soon...

ho'o today 4.0 powered-up, no waves...

Anonymous said...

As always, you have an eye for the birds. Surprised you took a picture of the winged variety!


cammar said...

Hang in there, there's waves heading your way from the NW and lighter winds...

Anne, I must got confused.

Bart, Kanaha Kai Maui said...

I am still enjoying the show.

Anonymous said...

what a nice feeling from this pics!!!
...in my opinion the best conditions to enjoy the waves ...no strong wind ..no rocks everywhere ..no stress ..no crowd..no pros...Fabrice it's a super friendly/cool guy!
please ask him if he will come to indo also this summer ! :)
ciaoo super Gp !

cammar said...

He said maybe in september.
Agree, he's a super nice guy (see next post).