Monday, July 27, 2009

oahu day 46 - Thousand!

I sure would have liked wave number 1000 to be a good one, but unfortunately it wasn't.
Wave 999, instead, was not a bad one so that's what you get.

This quick post is to celebrate the achievement of a stupid little goal that I set before starting this Oahu trip: I caught a thousand waves.
Not all of them were good, but I enjoyed them all. And they all made me a better surfer/windsurfer.

Rise up your glasses blog readers and toast with me.

day waves: 30
windsurfing: 569
surfing: 428
total: 1028
average per day (42 days in the water): 24.5

PS. I'm leaving wednesday morning and for the next couple of days I'll be very busy packing and catching a few more. I'll do a final post about the Oahu trip from Maui and I'll need a few days for that.
In the meantime, enjoy your lives.


Bernardo said...

Next summer do that on my island! (Madeira in Atlantic)
Only if you want it of course.

Meanwhile I've lost my GOPRO cam with a helmet cam mount (the clip got out of the base plate! Still recovering from it...) do you if their warranty covers it?

An avid blog reader,


Lano said...

Cheers GP, I have loved reading and watching your time in Oahu, Kym and I had a nice WA red to celebrate your achievment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Giampaolo,

Thanks for the great reportage and congratulations on your first thousand Oahu waves. Can't wait for the birdseye lowdown on the Oahu scene when I get there in two weeks!

All the best,

Ely from NYC

Sharon said...

Wow 999 was so long that I thought your odometer would roll into 1000! I can really see your improvement in this great little vid. What a nice relaxed style and terrific foot work, I almost expected a drop knee turn......

cammar said...

Ouch, Bernardo! That never happened to me... so I don't know.
Try to contact their support. The email should be on their website:
Thanks for the invite. The flight to Oahu is a bit cheaper though...
I remember I met a hot girl from Madeira in one of my windsurfing trip to Guincho... can't remember her name though...

Lano and Ely, thanks.

Sharon, my footwork was more horrific than terrific, but thanks anyway...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi GP,

Keep loading the videos, I'm out of the water for the next 4 weeks with a broken bone in my hand. So seeing / reading about your Oahu trip is helping to keep me sane!

Have you tried to mount the GoPro on your short board?


Checco said...

Enhorabuena GP!

Anonymous said...

Hey well done GP - you've obviously achieved a goal and that's always good in life. I raise a glass of aqua vita to celebrate with you. Oh, and welcome back to Maui :-)

Anne x

Anonymous said...

That was a great ride. Congratulations!


Antonio said...

Giampa, how long is the board you are using in the video?

cammar said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Rick, I never put it on my shortboard ('cause I still suck compared to the longboard), but my neighbor Matt did. Good luck with the recovery.

Antonio, it's 8.6.