Sunday, July 12, 2009

oahu days 29-30

Got a bit behind with the posts, so here's two days in one.

Friday (day 29) I surfed Concessions and sailed Da Spot again. Both sessions quite fun, despite the small size of the waves and the long waits.
There was a surf contest at Kewalo's. Here's some pics.

Let's start with the beauty of Diamond Head. In foreground is the Kewalo basin (perfect for swimming or paddling of any kind). Then the Magic Island (which is not an island, but a headland). You can't see them, but beyond the Magic Island there's the Ala Moana breaks and the other numerous breaks of Waikiki, all the way to Diamond Head.

Pro surfer Dustin Cuizon was competing for Town&Country in this surf shops contest.
The waves at the buoy on Friday were barely a foot and a half. Check that out!

Waiting for the heat. The contest heat, that'll be.


Cuizon again.

That's when the announcer went:"Can you guys move that boat out there? It's blocking the waves!"

Lovely drippage.

Another competitor.

What a modest house on the ocean I thought...

Zooming in more, I was surprised to find out that instead it was... a bloddy church!

I like this picture.

And this one too.

Saturday the waves were smaller and I was a bit tired, so I only sailed one hour in the morning. Looks like it's going to be almost flat for another couple of days before it gets good again. I might take advantage for some rest.

day waves: 31+14
windsurfing: 378
surfing: 305
total: 683
average per day (28 days in the water): 24.4

PS. Looks like they completed the single elimination in Pozo.
15 years old german born and Gran Canaria resident Philip Koster ruled everyone and won it!
I've never seen him sailing, but according to KP's post, he's definitely more than a promise...


Anonymous said...

It is not a church, a restaurant, Jon Dominis. It must be set up for a wedding.

Anonymous said...

My two favourite pictures are the dripping female and the last one.
As soon as I saw that it made me realise how right Darwin was that we are descended from apes. Both people have adopted the position I associate with monkeys.