Monday, July 13, 2009

Oahu days 31-32

As anticipated, I took a couple of days off the waves.

Actually not exactly, since Sunday my Oahu friends took me to Makapuu, a lovely east facing beach were the shore break is perfect for body surfing or body boarding.

Sam displayed some serious skills and a great smile on each wave he caught.

Here's how one end of the beach looks like.

Definitely well populated.

Oh my.

Very pretty.

Most dreadful tattoo ever. What the hell was the guy thinking?!?

I like this one a lot better.

Or this one.

Anyone in there?


The ASP surf contest at Jeffrey's bay is on. Tom Curren won the first heat of the "Clash of icons" against Mark Occhilupo. And I just watched it live thanks to a lovely thing called webcast.


Anonymous said...

great photos GP!! salut!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why it's called a "lady garden" as demonstrated by your first tattooed girl :-)


PeconicPuffin said...

If I can choose one, I pick "definitely well populated".

I think she would understand me.