Saturday, July 25, 2009

oahu days 43 and 44

THANK YOU HARRY for sending these amazing photos.

The US Open of surfing is taking place in Huntington Beach and the waves are just massive over there.

I watched live on the webcast Kelly Slater getting a perfect 10 with a huge barrel this morning and that was already overly cool. Webcasts rock. Especially the properly done ones. Tomorrow at 9.40 am hawaii time there's the final. Here's the complete schedule.

Imagine my extreme pleasure when tonight I received an email by master photographer Harry Wievel containing the following photos that any comment would stain.

Courtney Conlogue on a big one.


The tales of my surfing would be extremely uninteresting after those photos, so I'll limit the information to the mere stats.

day waves: 22 + 21
windsurfing: 572
surfing: 405
total: 977
average per day (40 days in the water): 24.4

977 you guys... it may happen tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Great pics.

Anonymous said...

I look for things in your photographs that interest me - a non-surfer!! What are the "stanchions" in a couple of the pictures? If these pictures were taken in the UK I would assume they were the "legs" of a seaside pier.

When you are going home to Maui?