Saturday, July 04, 2009

Duck dives photo contest

Someone saw this photo linked on and sent me an email entitled "Got you beat".

I'm not sure... I took the challenge and retrieved my best duck dive shot from the archives. What do you guys think?

Anyway, I'm still in Maui, doing double surf sessions every day, catching tons of waves. I'll be back in Oahu on Monday morning, just in time for the south swell to go down to small levels (and that's when Oahu is 100 times better than Maui) and the wind to pick up a notch so that it will be sailable over there.
Life is extremely good.

PS. Ray and friends are on a windsurf trip on the Oregon coast and started a blog to tell us about.


Anonymous said...

Well my friend - not sure who's shot is best but they're both masterpieces in my book. I mean they both have great duck dive technique, they're both in the right spot in the wave... that's what I was supposed to look at - right?

cammar said...

Disagree on the right spot in the wave...
The linked photo is clearly staged, IMO. The girl did not need to duck dive that deep and that early (if not at all)... it was a setup.
A successful one, I'd say, considering the relative position of the surfer and the girl, but I kind of like non setup photos better. My guess is that they had to try it quite a few times...
But than again... who cares! Thanks the photographer for being so creative and the blogger for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Yours is better, Giampaolo! And I love the way her hair is captured by the wave, too. It kind of reminds me of an old slaptstick movie where someone gets a huge cream pie in the face.

Staged or not, the other one is a bit on the gratuitous side, and only works because of the surfer in the background.


Anonymous said...

Both are fine examples of anatomy in action. The hair and the white foam around GPs suggests extreme pleasure.
On photo 2 I disagree with the staged set up. If he is using a super wide angle lens she is smart to dive deep and early.
All wonderful.

Windwiner said...

Yep your picture is better and the subject matter in your picture is better as well. Looking forward to you going back to Oahu so that we start getting daily updates again;-)

jeff E of the Great White North said...

"heh hehhhhh thats my kind of setup !" in my most raunchy and pigdog voice.
i like it,
i like it alot!

heather said...

i like your photo better