Monday, July 20, 2009

oahu day 38

Another superfun day at Da Spot.

I timed it right and got in the water around 11 on a rising tide and a rising swell.
Two of us for most of the times. Beautiful belly to head high clean waves.
I caught 30 waves in 2 hours and the screen of my trusty wave counting device is the only photo I have in offer for you.

BTW, as soon as I'm done counting waves, I think I'll sell the watch. Email me if you are interested in this piece of history...

In the afternoon, instead, I went out around 5ish and, no idea how, ended up way upwind than usual. I was alone (on a bloody Sunday!!!) and had no other sailors to indicate me the right position. Before I figured that out by looking at the coastline, I got worked a couple of times on a super shallow inside and that made me lose a hell lot of time. In other words, I only caught 4 waves and still can't understand how in the world I ended up so upwind. I'm too good at slogging!!

Anyway, the buoy went up to over 3 feet at 14 sec from 200 this morning, the wind is cranking and I'm ready for more.

day waves: 34
windsurfing: 510
surfing: 320
total: 830
average per day (34 days in the water): 24.4

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