Friday, November 18, 2016

11 18 16 morning call

Surfing in the early morning and a couple of windsurf sessions for me yesterday, all fun because the wind wasn't too strong. Four hours in the water is like the minimum legal amount for a day off.

The photo below by Jimmie Hepp from this gallery illustrates the mid day conditions at Hookipa.

4am significant buoy readings
7.7ft @ 15s from 346° (NNW)

11.2ft @ 15s from 329° (NW)

5.2ft @ 17s from 330° (NW)           
4.1ft @ 9s from 74° (ENE)
2.8ft @ 6s from 57° (ENE)
2.3ft @ 14s from 332° (NNW)
Below are the graphs of NW, Hanalei and Pauwela buoys. I drew a red dotted line to show how I think the swell will do in Maui.
It's hard to guess at what size it's gonna peak, since also this swell's biggest energy is missing us to the NE, but with a reading of 11f 15s at Hanalei, it won't be a small one.
Pauwela's already reading 5f 17s at 4am, that means the north shore is going to be big already at dawn and increase all morning before peaking sometimes in the afternoon.
Direction is killer for Honolua, I'm off again and I think at one point I'm gonna go take some photos. The WCT women's last contest of the season starts there on November 23, so I'm expecting a bunch of them to be in the water practicing.
Guaranteed the Haleiwa contest will resume today.

Current wind map shows the low that generated today's swell 3 days ago, now in a NNE position in the Gulf of Alaska. It's still making some waves for us, even though the biggest energy will clearly miss us to the east. To the west of it, a bloodcurdling vision: a massive high and no new low pressures coming off the Asian continent. That's unfortunately going to be the rule for the next 10 days or so: a hell lot of wind and no big ground swells.
The southern Tasman Sea still offers some out of season storm activities, but that is too far away from us to lose your sleep on. You're about to lose your sleep for how strong the wind and the rain will shake the windows at your house, instead. That is if you live in Haiku, of course.

NAM3km map at noon shows trades from a good direction for sailing. The windsurf pros will probably put up a show at Hookipa with over mast high waves.

This is the new look of the Windguru GFS' wind table and it makes me want to puke. Not the look, the content.

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