Sunday, November 27, 2016

11 27 16 morning call

Just a session for me yesterday. I don't have an action shot of the day, so here's a Tahitian wave from Ben Thouard's page.

5am significant buoy readings

South shore
1.4ft @ 16s from 215° (SW)
1.9ft @ 16s from 203° (SSW)

Lovely bit of 16s energy from the SSW at the buoys, below is the wind map of 7 days ago (Nov 20th), I think we're getting the energy coming from the very tail of the cock roach. The head of it is just aiming too much to the east and we are not getting the angular spreading I was hoping for. That would have had a much more S to SSE or even SE direction. But we have something, so check the webcam if you want to go Lahaina side!

North shore
10.1ft @ 8s from 76° (ENE)

NW energy is gone (or at least not recorded by the Pauwela buoy that must be tired to go up and down 10 feet every 8 seconds!), 76 degrees windswell is all that is on offer today.

Don't waste your time checking if they're gonna run Honolua and/or Sunset, the answer is no. The next (small) NW swell might get Sunset going tomorrow, but the only next chance for Honolua is that swell forecasted for Friday/Saturday, which is now downgraded to 9f 16s. The fetch hasn't formed yet we'll see how it looks when it happens around Tuesday.

Current wind map shows a not so strong NW fetch, the windswell fetch and a fetch down south (forgot to circle) heavily blocked by New Zealand. Notice how the high pressure moved a tad to the east

MC2km map at noon shows another strong and gusty easterly trades day.

It's the Sunday of one of the windiest weeks I can remember. Thank god it's over, but this coming week doesn't look much better. The Windguru table below (I'm officially missing the old two rows style) shows a little weakening back to normal levels on Monday, but then we have another strip of red intensities until Friday. If confirmed, no wind on Saturday for a few days (can't wait!), but that is actually not a good thing for Honolua.

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