Friday, January 26, 2007

beach life style

Just a quick update here... didn't want to use a new post.
Just sailed Hookipa for three hours. Head to overhead high, perfect 5.0. Me and Jeff Sutherland dominated for a while, until Levi showed up... ;-)
And tonight, Jake Shimabukuro concert.

But the reason of this update is that I just checked Pat Caldwell's last forecast. If you don't want to read the whole thing, just read the summary table. Next week the surf is going to be extra-large and rough. The wind is going to be strong Kona. The pros will be sailing Lanes. I'll be sailing Kanaha.
If all of a sudden next week this blog is not going to be updated anymore, I want you to know that I died having fun... :-O

For a change, I spent the whole day at the beach yesterday and for a change I took a bunch of pics.

Check the rocker line of this standup board... sweet! I'd like to put a mast track in it... it must be so much fun on the waves!

This is a radical top turn by another standupper. Didn't land it, but it doesn't matter...

Lastly, a photo that shows some beach life style... these guys got their priorities right. Time is the most important thing we have. From my (and theirs) point of view, they are not wasting it.

A few more shots here.
Lano, don't miss to check them out!


Anonymous said...

Ciao Johan,

you can't die just having fun as we all need your spirit, laughter, pics and reports of your blog!!!
Poseidon gonna have a good eye on you, I think!
Great whale sprouds video, didn't realize that the first moment!
Non lo so chi era pui saporito al blog ieri, tu vita, i foti, le video, la comida o la pancia della signora ?! Aspetta…i culpi della balena!!!

Robin, were in luck, sunshine and some little waves!!!

Have a nice weekend, guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Nice posts and pics again. The blog always brings some sun and Aloha into my house so keep 'em coming.

Over the last week the winter tried to conquer the lowlands (I think you must have had snow, Chris?) but lucky for us it didn't work out. So pretty good weather at the moment and decent temperatures no complaining here!

Chris, if you can you should come to Zandvoort on the 21st of April. We will be having a Superfreak event (even Jeffrey Henderson is making his way from Maui to attend). Sorry to hijack your blog for this G.P. but as a Superfreak yourself I think you won't mind. You should come too.

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Cammar,

I am preparing my luggage, tomorrow I will leave for Cabo Verde AND you posted such a post..

Pat's forecast (and those juicy chickens in the photos!) are making me to repent of my destination-choice!

But I can't complain, Cabo Verde will be not bad too.

Enjoy Kanaha

It will be a pleasure to read about it at my return in Italy.


Anonymous said...

Hola tios,

thanks for the invitation, Robin, could use a superfreak in gusty Oostende!In Zandvoort there's a funny wild west style coffeeshop, GP, and anyway it's a lovely place to surf!!!
About 7 cm snow we had here, but melted away the last two days, surpised again about being in the water today with the actual temperatures, it's not freaky, it's pleasant. Gonna sail 5.8 tomorrow, hehe!

Alberto, goda Cabo Verde!

Cammar, tu sei asolutamente destra che hai scritto circa le nazioni, religione e politica!!!


cammar said...

Thanks nederlanders for the invite. I'd love to attend, but if I wanted to spend money on a windsurf trip, I doubt I would come over there...
I hope you guys will have fun!

Alberto, I hope you'll have fun too. Don't regret! Sailing Kona wind with that wave forecast is going to be extremely extreme (can I say that?). I don't know your sailing skill, but it's something that requires a bit of local knowledge. Even for the people that live here it's challanging, because the waves change completely and you have to adjust your timing. Well, you won't have that problem, I guess...
Anyway, the wind is veeeery offshore and gusty. And on the face of the wave, it's about double. Good luck with picking the right sail...

Chris, this is funny.
So, you meant that I was right about what I wrote on that comment on the previous post. But, just like in english, the word right in italian has the same double meaning.
The one you meant and the opposite of left. And your translator (or you) picked the wrong one. So, it took me a second to understand what you meant.
I was right (as opposite of left)??? It actually was quite a left wing kind of comment. More towards anarchy, actually...

Anonymous said...

Bon giorno, Cammar!

Yep, referred to your comment the other day. Had my doubts about the translation ...drestra circa, wanted to say ... you're right about, maybe you do know a better translator than babelfish or that won't help due to double meaning (left/ right wing story)?
Anyhow, you're right about anarchy, should have replaced the shady systems that f@*&%^@ the world (and their inhabitants) since some 1000 years a ago!
Now most people (well, I live in hypocrit-flanders-country, Ned Flanders from the Simsons is Belgian!) got used to mostly idiot politics, accepting what they do and paying them for creating big problems about the good old greenery, we love so much!!! Just an good example. Buhuhu, wanna go back to the Netherlands !

Alora, goda la natura e buona giornata!