Thursday, September 18, 2008

Close call

Probably the scariest windsurfing accident that ever happened to me.

I got no time tonight to describe it. I'm just going to show you the consequences on my board. Couldn't care less about it (easy fix), I'm just glad I didn't kill the other guy... who instead only reported a hand injury (no cuts, but really sore...).
Please no asking who the other guy is (I don't want his family to worry, in case they read this post). He's a super nice guy and this post is entirely dedicated to him. Good luck for a prompt recovery, my friend!

Stay tuned for a detailed report on it. I'd like to draw a few sketches to illustrate it (somebody may learn something out of it).

For now, the usual avalanche of photos from yet another gorgeous day of bloody phenomenal (and crowded) wave sailing action. I'll remember this week for a while...
It was so good that even uncle Robby thought about hitting the water.
Here's a push loop on his first wave.

Here's a forward. If I remember right, his foot came out of the foot strap once he started the rotation... but I need Glenn's help on this one.

And who can it be right after Robby if not... me!

Once again, look at the perfection of the size of those waves (the accident didn't have much to do with it... well, kind of!).
Anyway, plenty more photos in this slide. I don't like the slides too much, but it takes too much time to upload the photos one by one, so that's what you get.
If it stops, click on the X on the top right corner to make it start again.

Hey, check this fantastic video on the Windsurfing mag home page. It was shot with the new GoPro wide angle camera coming out in a couple of weeks... now, that's what I need!!


Lano said...

Bloody hell dude! SOS alright....looks like you got spiked! Obviously not a twinser that got ya. Hope you are both OK

cammar said...

I'm absolutely fine, I haven't heard yet from him how bad is his hand. I'll post updates in the comments.
Yeah, his fin got a little shorter...

benjaminpink said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad that you are ok.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're both okay.

That's a pretty cool video of Taylor and Kevin. I was riding waves when they made the video. They rip the waves and are really nice folks.


cammar said...

Good news: I saw the guy at the beach and his hand was a lot better. He could move it, so it doesn't seem broken. A few days of ice and rest should do it...