Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Time for a new post

Let's start with something so good that makes me feel religious... Jeesus Christ!

Uff... you guys still alive?
Allright, it's September 3rd and in the last three days I had three wave sailing sessions in a row... not too shabby.
The best day for me was Monday. Too many surfers at Hookipa (the wind was really light), I went down to Lanes and loved it. The waves were shoulder to sometimes over head high, from the NE.
At one point I got worked by a logo high rouge wave and that felt incredibly good...
Wow, how long ago was the last time I got worked by a big wave while windsurfing?!!
When I popped out I looked for my board around me and I couldn't see it.
"No way!", I shouted, "look where it is! That's like a 50 yards swim!! Yeeeeeah!!!"

That was one of the best swims for my board I have ever done. I had a big smile on my face all the way, because I knew that soon I would be doing more of those. Can't wait.

Anyway, this is Rudy Castorina in the only windsurfing photo I took that day. Actually I took the camera out to shoot the thing above, so it was just a pure coincidence that Rudy caught a wave at the same time...

And now, boards talk.
Check out this old RRD 100ish liters (does anybody know the exact volume?) freeride board. I got it for free (big unfinished fix on the bottom) at a garage sale a few years ago.

Why is it here?
Because one lazy afternoon I clearly didn't have nothing better to do than... to grab my grinder and add more than one inch of rocker to it!

A big wave board for slog and surf in super light wind days. You should see the Vee I gave it in the tail... almost like a Starboard Serenity!
Can't wait to try it, but I will have to glass it first...

Another board I can't wait to try is my latest super cheap buy: a 6.10 old school Timpone. Absolutely love the graphics.

Well, a solid south swell is around the corner. The W, SW and SE buoys show a couple of feet at 14 seconds, but that's not it.
In addition to that, the Surfline's Lanai buoy (a very sensitive buoy) readings show a secondary swell at 1 foot, 22 seconds and guess what... that's the shit!
Expect it to buid all day Thursday, but the peak will IMO be on Friday.
Happy surfing to everyone! Don't be aggro, don't drop in... there will always be another wave.

Lil' thursday morning update: the buoy still shows 1 foot probably nothing worth driving yet. Maybe at sunset after the usual wavesailing session, since the Mokapu buoy still shows 6 feet, 9 seconds windswell out of 55 degrees... God, I love the surfline buoy readings.
And, talking about south swells... remember my Oahu post?
Check this great Ala Moana photo article that just came out on Surfline.

In particular, check photos number:
16: the same guy with the Speedos that I shot too. Uncle Billy must be a celebrity there...
19 & 23: sick shots inside the tube
27: how the buildings change color at sunset
28: how Ala Moana works. Great opportunity to learn something.

PS. Somebody forgot a wide style beginner board at Kanaha. Email me (click on the right where it says "email me to advertise on this blog") to identify.
Hey, if nobody claims it, maybe I can learn this!
Yes, it's yet another light wind freestyle video from Bonaire, but for some reason (more elegant, less dangerous?) I like that much better than high wind freestyle.
Hey, is that Kalani the blonde kid with Hot sail?


Sharon said...

Is that 'red eye Rudy'?!

cammar said...

Oui Madame.
Would you like aisle or window?

Anonymous said...

If that's the altar....I'm going to church!

Can I get an amen brothers?

cammar said...

Amen, Bob.

FEY (For Everyone Info): 12 hours after I posted this post, I added the Ala Moana and the light wind freestyle video links at the end of it.
Check them out if you missed it.

windwarrior said...

If no one claims the board I am looking for a windfshing board.

cammar said...

Me too! ;-)

I really hope to find the owner. I already sent a few emails out and I'll put a sign at Kanaha and an ad on craigslist.

cammar said...

Owner found!

cammar said...

After reading Makani's report:
"the outer reef at Spartans had some pretty big rolling swell and, I kid you not, was breaking logo- to mast-high - big, clean, glassy, beautiful waves",
I realized that the day I sailed Lanes was Monday not Sunday, like I originally wrote. It just felt like a Sunday, since it was a holiday...
Not that anybody cares, but for precision's sake, I corrected the post.

Hey, wait a moment! I wrote the last three comments of this post... am I in need of attention?

David said...

What liter RRD twin fin is Rudy on?

cammar said...

No idea.
And don't forget that it might well be a custom...

David said...

Yeah, but it looks a lot like the new 09's in terms of outline/length, etc.

jeff E of the Great White North said...

an INCH of rocker??!!eeeek, cheap way to experiment, will turn like a coyote jumping on a tossed frito, but could be sclogger
but who am i to say!!??

cammar said...

could be sclogger?!??
If it planes, I'll be bummed!
I want a board with a surfboard rocker that will never plane on the flat. All I care is how it behaves on the curved face of a wave...
I'll let you guys know!

Anonymous said...

This mod is just so cool.
I want to mod my old ahd speed-slalom 262 to make a highwind slalom board of it. My actual slalomboard "Naish Hybrid 89" is a bit too wide when its choppy and blowing 7+. The ahd is only 54 wide. Making it shorter (240), with a wide bevelled nose should make this board more fun to ride.
Have fun with your new waveboard.