Sunday, May 22, 2016

5 22 16 morning call

I surfed Lahaina in the morning, but it was pretty small. Looked at Pavils and The point at sunset but couldn't get motivated.
Here's a shot from the session the day before (Friday). That was a fun one.

4-5am significant buoy readings:
4.9ft @ 8s from 60° (ENE)

1.2ft @ 15s from 206° (SSW)

Readings are very self explanatory and if you're wondering where that smidge of SSW energy comes from, here's the south pacific weather map of 7 days ago so that you guys don't have to scroll down the blog to check it out. That's how it looked May 15th and that fetch in the Tasman sea was the source. Mesmerizing the fact that we actually get something over here.
If you guys go south (check the webcam before going), make sure you don't waste those waves that travelled 7 days through a maze of islands to reach our shores...

Wind map shows the usual windswell fetch and quite a few scattered insignificant fetches. Maybe I should stop circling those last ones, since they might just be confusing. But as soon as I see some wind oriented towards Hawaii, I can't help noticing it and circling it. That's how we get waves: wind oriented towards us somewhere in the Pacific ocean. Kinda basic, really.

Tasman sea still hot in the South Pacific with another fetch well east of New Zealand. Hopefully we'll get something from both.
Today it's Monday in Fiji, soon there will be brave surfers challenging huge waves at Cloudbread. Did you guy watch the video I posted yesterday with Kelly Slater commentating that big swell that happened when the WSL contest was there?
This year the men's Fiji contest starts June 5th and the women's May 29! That means that it would have been not too much extra cost to send the production crew there a few days earlier and have a live webcast of the freesurfing of this swell. Probably well covered by the money they could have made with the commercials. Another missed opportunity.

And another windy day. Might have to enter despo mode and go for a SUP downwinder.

I buy and sell boards continuously. I find it part of the fun and it sure teaches me a lot about shapes. I buy a board, I try to guess how it rides, I put it to the test in the water and every time I do that, I learn something about shapes.
I bought this one right after I had mine shaped by the same shaper Keith Taboul. The board is fairly similar to mine. So similar that it's not worth keeping both, so here it is for sale at $250. It's a 5.10x19 5/8x2 1/2 EPS blank and Epoxy resin. Extremely light weight and responsive, great summer board. Here's the craigslist ad.

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